12 years ago I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I actually had two forms, so I guess you could say I was twice blessed. It opened up an unknown world that enveloped my entire life for 6 months and beyond: I became an expert in a category of disease that had never touched my family or friends. It was unnerving. I was living in San Francisco, enjoying a great life, just started dating my now husband of almost 10 years and had a very visible career at Hewlett-Packard.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been married for almost 10 years. My husband and I are blessed with 8-year old twin girls (quite the miracle after chemo), and I help educate on the growing trend in the power of exercise for cancer survivors at Sunflower Wellness. Just as important, I’ve continued with my career in communications and just re-landed at WCG, the most authentic “un-agency” I’ve ever experienced.

Cancer didn’t really define me, but it did help create better clarity around how I spend my time and whom I spend my time with… #noa**holes. What I do know: life is short and I won’t make choices that don’t align with happiness and won’t stop short of doing amazing things with awesome people that create memories for my lifetime. #choosehappiness

What pulled me back to WCG was Jim Weiss, the founder and CEO of W2O Group (WCG, a W20 Group company) whom over the last 14 years has developed a culture based on the same core values that I live by everyday, professionally. Jim is authentic. His approach is transparent. The result is an award-winning set of companies with jaw-dropping talent, who make an impact in the healthcare, technology and consumer global brands’ industries everyday. As Jim says, “ultimately, we are in the business to partner with our clients to enhance their businesses.” I’d even take that a step further and say that we don’t just enhance businesses, we enhance lives — the result is growth — personal and professional, inside and out. #makeithappen

I do executive communications for technology companies. I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with some of the best executives in the industry. All have different strengths. All have taught me. All have humbled me. All have shown me to strive for the best. Compete. Work hard. Be honest and own up to mistakes. #whysuck.

I hope to take that experience and help WCG continue to grow. Most importantly, I’m happy to get to work with such amazing people so that we can enhance our clients’ businesses, enhance their lives, our lives, our world. #letshang @dianeparrish

Diane Parrish, Group Director, WCG World
Diane Parrish, Group Director, WCG World