Years ago, I worked on the agency side with some of the largest pharma and smartest biotech companies globally. Since then I have spent my time understanding their processes, strategies and challenges from the inside.

While in Europe, I closely followed WCG’s flight as a growing force in the industry and have seen similarities in what they have achieved for their customers and what my digital teams have accomplished with our own customers…I only wish I had the WCG tools and offerings available back then.

Now I get to come full circle side by side with an organization primed to become the model of what’s next in healthcare marketing.

I have always tried to influence non-digital pharma to move away from the “If you build it they will come” mentality and instead get them to convey a strong influence where their customers already live and breathe. I’m confident our data and analytics will prove this to the doubters and engage everyone in the conversation.

It was perfect timing to begin last week as I was able to meet many of my colleagues as they converged at the WCG Healthcare Summit.  I got an equivalent of six weeks of induction meetings and new products within 72 hours. I was able to see the strong dynamics of the teams and the unique product & service offerings I have only dreamed about implementing and teased with while being on the client side.

Did it excite me? When you can’t sleep because your mind is self-contemplating new passionate, enthusiastic ideas and innovative initiatives, then you can’t wait to meet the rest of the company and see what transpires. I look forward to working with them all and hope to learn great things from them as I begin to share my knowledge in return.

The epiphany moment of why I joined WCG was when I saw the growth opportunities, global expansion strategies combined with seeing the first hand collaboration of the other W20 companies. Witnessing how WCG, TwistMktg, BrewLife and NextWorks partner, share and set the model for success with each other was the moment I knew this was the right place for me.

I have always had an entrepreneur mind in a team building conscious.  Whether it is a company of five or 50,000, I go to work every day thinking what I can do for MY Company. I look forward to leveraging my healthcare experience and success of implementing eDetailing, eCommerce, mobile and digital health strategies with the already highly successful projects of WCG.

In even a short time, I am motivated by all I have seen to expedite how our existing customers see the potential within WCG while ensuring our future clients embrace the endless talents en route to make us an elite group with the knowledge to impress, skills to implement and metrics to reinforce.

Over the next few months, I will share with all who will listen. My goal is not only about building new social business tactics, innovative digital prowess or being the best at content strategies. It is about building and sustaining long term relationships. With those relationships, we can share how to avoid the challenges I have personally faced as a client and ensure WCG customers learn from best practices to expedite their own objectives and avoid similar pitfalls.

As we come full circle and whether they know it or not, our customers of tomorrow won’t be able to ignore the great things WCG will be able to offer them today.