Teaching & Transitioning Veterans to the Public Sector

There are some causes that know no boundaries.  They are not democrat or republican.  They are not state or federal.  They are simply important and deserve the attention and focus of all of us.

One of these causes is how we educate, train and prepare veterans for their transition back into the corporate world.  Yes, it is important to get a job.  It’s even more important to build a career and that is what The Vetted Foundation is focused on.  The Vetted team is creating a unique educational curriculum, built by leading universities, to take the skills learned by our veterans in the field of battle and complement them with new business skills that prepare our veterans so they can succeed and grow their careers in their next phase of life.

Today was one of those special days as the Chancellors of The University of Texas (Admiral William McRaven) and Texas A&M (Chancellor John Sharp) spoke at a press briefing along with Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and as a member of the US Naval Reserve, State Representative Pat Fallon of Frisco, Texas, a member of the 1988 Notre Dame championship football team and US Air Force, Linda Mays McCaul, who worked in Naval Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency and is Vice Chairman of the Vetted Board, Tracy King, Vice President of Public Affairs for AT&T and Michael Sarraille on the importance of Vetted and the commitment of their institutions and foundations to this pioneering effort.  They were joined at the podium by Admiral Bobby Inman, the Chairman of the Vetted Board and Molly Mae Potter, who is Ms. Veteran America 2016 and an executive at Dell Technologies.

The founder of Vetted is Michael, a Special Forces veteran who worked under the command of Admiral McRaven, the past leader of the United States Special Forces Command.  Michael is focused on building a program that translates military skills into business skills to give veterans the opportunity to prove their worth.

The initial goal is to enroll more than 80 veterans per class who will learn from the best at The University of Texas, Texas A&M and other participating universities, such as Rice University.  They will receive training on business topics plus counsel on how to navigate the corporate world.  With time, this number will increase and it is expected that this program will evolve into a national model.

Texas is a great place for this type of program to start, since we have over 1.7MM military veterans in the state today.  Texas A&M has graduated more military officers than any university in the country, according to Chancellor Sharp and we have government leaders, such as Land Commissioner George P. Bush who care deeply about the future of our veterans and how they integrate into U.S. society.

Admiral McRaven made a great point this morning as I said, “We need to get over the stigma that veterans are broken.  Absolutely nothing is further from the truth.  Veterans are ready for corporate challenges”.

In this statement, Admiral McRaven summed up the idea of Vetted.  Military veterans are future leaders of departments, future leaders of companies, future entrepreneurs who will start companies of all types and they represent untapped intelligence and knowledge for today’s company.

Equally exciting to see is the creation of Vetted from an idea to reality.  I give a lot of credit to AT&T and Tracy King for stepping up and being the first major corporate sponsor.  It takes courage to be the pioneer and show the way.  There are many more pioneering leaders at companies who will soon join and show the country how we can do this well.  I also want to thank Commissioner George P. Bush, a military veteran himself, who leads key initiatives for Veterans in the State of Texas that are forward-thinking.  Admiral Bobby Inman and Linda Mays McCaul are critical to Vetted’s success as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board. In addition, Linda mentioned that her Foundation will become an official partner along with AT&T.  Representative Pat Fallon represents the spirit of legislators who are always ready to make the decisions necessary to help the transition of veterans.

Great causes lead to innovative new approaches.  Every new model that succeeds needs a team that believes passionately in the vision of what can be done to make a difference.

This morning we witnessed who this team is and why The Vetted Foundation will start to make a difference in the lives of our most heroic and important leaders and how future business leaders will start moving through the Vetted program to continue to make a difference in our world.

If you are already helping Vetted, thank you.  It is making a difference and it matters.

Best, Bob

(Note: I am a volunteer co-chair of the strategic advisory board)

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