Breast cancer is an overwhelming diagnosis. For mothers with young kids, an additional stress is how to tell their children about this diagnosis. Identifying this as a way to support the community, W2O’s client, Celgene, created The Magic Tree App for children ages 5-8 who have a mother with breast cancer. The app was designed to help guide moms through these tough conversations, the app allows parents to talk with their young kids about the diagnosis through games, videos and other educational tools.

A recent social media campaign to promote the app provides key learnings on how to reach this audience.

To efficiently reach patients with Breast Cancer, specifically moms, W2O Group collaborated with Celgene to create and execute a multi-faceted social media campaign. This included influencer partnerships within the breast cancer community as well as organic and targeted paid social posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Top Tactics Contributing to Success:

1. Learn from Affiliates and Partners

The Magic Tree app was originally developed by Celgene’s affiliate in Germany and noting it’s success, the U.S. team decided to translate and adapt it for patients in the United States. Kimberly Jewett, a two-time breast cancer survivor and mother of two, says The Magic Tree “explains the disease in a kid-friendly way so mothers don’t have to navigate the conversation alone”¹

2 .Seek Input from Advocacy Groups and Clinical Experts

Patient advocacy groups and clinical breast cancer experts provided input to help with the development and launch of The Magic Tree app.

*Key Learning: Parents, specifically mothers with Breast Cancer, often have difficulty discussing their diagnosis with their young children, The Magic Tree aims to help with this by providing resources as well as links to patient groups, ultimately serving as a conduit for broader discussions that are parent led, not replacing but rather helping support difficult conversations

Susan Rahn, an influencer with metastatic breast cancer, describes The Magic Tree as “a charming cross between a video game and a chapter book, which has a friendly and fun feeling, like many interactive learning games.”2   The app features a house, playground, library and hospital.

3. Use a Multi-Pronged Approach to Deliver Messaging & Calls-to-Action

We needed a way to reach audience in a very crowded and noisy space, ultimately aiming to raise their awareness of The Magic Tree app and then encourage download. The final approach was three-pronged:

    • App Install Campaigns – Paid App Install campaigns were created and run across social media, such as Facebook, to drive app downloads from our core targeted audience. The App Install campaigns were an efficient way for us to not only drive targeted awareness of the app, but to offer the app to the Breast Cancer community in an easily accessible manner.
    • Instagram Takeovers – Patients in the breast cancer community took over Celgene’s corporate Instagram channel during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, to share their personal story and the impact of having a breast cancer diagnosis on their children/family utilizing the hashtag #MagicTreeMoments.
    • Influencer Partnerships – Partnered with patient bloggers to publish blog and social media posts on their personal channels, producing multiple pieces of content.

4. Work with the RIGHT Influencers and Micro-Influencers

Using analytics, W2O identified the most influential patients within the Breast Cancer community, specifically those who were the most relevant, publishing content that consistently resonates with their audience and all with varying audience sizes.

We partnered with four patient bloggers to develop blogs and social media posts on their personal channels, each speaking about their personal experience of telling their young children of their diagnosis and how the Magic Tree App was (or could have been) beneficial for their family. All posts were cross-promoted by Celgene, ultimately sharing these influencer posts to an even greater audience.

The coverage of the app resulted in the generation of three additional blog posts (earned media) from a top breast cancer influencer, a breast cancer advocate and

All influencer partnerships included compensation for the influencer for their time, which was transparently shared on every blog and social post (i.e. “This blog post was sponsored by Celgene Corporations. Personal opinions and thoughts are my own” or “#sponsored” on social posts).

5. Test and Learn Across Social Channels

As the campaign progressed, we saw Instagram producing significant success and performing most efficiently versus other social channels, so we were able to nimbly shift budget and further amplify efforts on Instagram to increase engagement.

The learnings from Instagram in the early stages of the campaign also served as the impetus for the Instagram Takeovers (by the three breast cancer influencers) which took place in Phase 2 of the campaign.

The Magic Tree campaign’s multi-pronged approach across social media (paid and organic), influencer channels and earned pickup, resulted in an extremely successful campaign. This brought the unmet need to life for families within the breast cancer community and offered patients an important tool to meet these needs in an easy and accessible fashion.

Campaign Success Highlights:

  • The Magic Tree app resonated positively among all engaged bloggers who encouraged their readers to download the tool to use as a resource for their families
  • Allowing bloggers to incorporate their personal perspective as mothers who have experienced breast cancer (including using original photos) resulted in thoughtful, engaging content generating a positive reaction among their audiences – including using original photos
  • Leveraging the Facebook Branded Content tool and boosting posts resulted in a larger number of impressions
  • App Install campaign drove additional awareness and downloads that exceeded KPIs

This blog post was co-authored by W2O’s Group Director of Social Media, Jessica Vanner, and Eileen O’Brien, W2O’s Managing Director of Social Media.


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