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Have a voice in shaping your career, molding the future of our firm, and building an unfair advantage for yourself and clients.

If you are interested in a career at W2O, please apply to the role that best matches your interests via the form found at the bottom of the job description page. We continuously update our job postings, so if you don’t currently see a role that interests you, please check back.

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We’re building a different kind of agency. One with an entrepreneurial spirit that leverages data, insights and diversity to drive innovative thinking that helps brands outperform against their competition. We look for people who think differently. People who care less about politics or personal glory, and more about ideas, learning and collective results. Those who thrive on ambiguity, architecting something new, and breaking through old ways to forge new paths. It’s a place you can have a voice regardless of your level. We invite you to join us and “Build Yours.”


Holmes Report

2018 Best Agency to Work For


Medical Marketing & Media

2018 Large Healthcare Agency of the Year (Finalist)

PR News

PR News

Best Place to Work for in PR (2018, 2017, 2016)

“Everyone here is tremendously driven and passionate about making a difference. We can be wacky, intensely focused when needed, but always know how to have a great party.”

Howie Chan
Group Director, Marketing

“Coming to W2O eight years ago was the best career move I’ve made! I work with the smartest, most strategic, genuine people in the business and for clients who are paving the way for a better tomorrow.”

Nadia Hasan
Group Director

“I have the great fortune of working for a company that is not only filled with some of the smartest, most dedicated and passionate people in the industry, but one that truly cares about supporting its employees and helping them become the best versions of themselves.”

Molly Stock
Managing Director

“Unlike most agencies, a lot of W2Oers have been here for years. This is because W2O takes time to foster your long-term career development and truly care about their people and clients.”

Tani Yee
Account Director

“I’ve been here over a decade and was a client before that. I never thought I’d be here this long but it’s hard to leave when you work with such smart, amazing people. It makes you want to come into work every day.”

Nicole Foderaro
Managing Director

“In addition to being surrounded by smart and wonderful people, working at W2O allows me to marry my passion for human connections and love of branding to help our clients and the patients they serve.”

Candace Moran
Senior Director, Integrated Healthcare Marketing

“I have the pleasure of working with 25 of the most imaginative, resilient and dedicated media professionals in the game. Although we are spread out from coast to coast, I can always count on them to jump on the phone, brainstorm a killer media strategy and do it with a smile.”

Sylvia Aranda
Associate Director, Media Relations

“Before working at W2O, I could not imagine balancing work and life, let alone boosting my career at a company that fosters a healthy, collaborative culture. W2O nurtures talent and I'm fortunate to be a part of the team.”

Brian Bordieri
Delivery Manager, Technology

“Working with so many people who are absolutely amazing in their respective areas is both invigorating and inspiring. W2O does so many different types of work; the common thread is the exceptional quality and the collaborative attitude of everyone on the team.”

Lisa Kiker

“W2O has been the perfect company to jumpstart my career. I get to work across a plethora of industries and projects with driven and genuine people who not only deliver great client work, but also take the time to guide my career path. This is truly a work-hard play-hard environment.”

Brett Kleinberg
Account Manager, Corporate Strategy

“W2O’s strongest asset are its people. You get to work with super smart colleagues who make you better at your job on interesting and impactful projects.”

Darrel Ng
Managing Director

Culture of Coaching

A coaching culture provides real results for W2O and for our people. We believe that the talented people we hire are our unfair competitive advantage, and have made significant investments in innovative coaching programs to develop and support them.

  • Our Springboard program combines executive coaching with peer leadership cohorts to develop the management and leadership for those at every level across the organization.
  • Springboard is offered to every manager after their second year at W2O.
  • The program builds their confidence as people managers and empowers them to act as coaches for their own teams.
4th Trimester
  • We also believe in coaching for our people at common moments of transition.
  • "Your 4th Trimester" connects new parents with a personal coach for three months after returning back to work.
Additional Transitions
  • We also support our people with developmental coaching when they take on new roles, move to a new office, or face challenging moments with clients and teams.

“Coaching has made me feel capable of this role, but also excited about the potential for the evolution of my career in the future.”

Mary James
Senior Director, Analytics

“This is a valuable offering that helps recognize top contributors in an additional way beyond merit, bonus and announcements/awards.”

Sara Vlasach
Group Director, Analytics

“Working with my coach has helped me understand my value as an employee in my role.”

Josie Butler
Account Director

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

A Healthier Place for All

W2O is passionate about making the world a healthier place through marketing and communications for everyone – the clients we serve, the communities we support, and the people who drive the work we do every day.

To fulfill our mission, we are committed to cultivating a diverse culture and community that's reflective of the world around us. By working as one, we aim to create an inclusive environment that allows our people to grow and thrive, advancing the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

Because we are #bettertogether, we are focused on facilitating understanding, overcoming biases and bringing different voices and perspectives to the table for holistic programming and breakthrough thinking.

Our Commitment in Action

Our culture has always been about our people. Building strong community across our firm helps us collaborate effectively and practice empathy, creating great teams that do great work. Diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives not only spark creativity and innovation, but ensure every voice is both welcomed and heard.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council leads initiatives that focus on recruitment, education, partnerships and other areas. It supports the progress of our existing and any future Employee Resource Groups (ERGs.) Currently, we have three ERGs that create exceptional community-building, learning and professional development experiences for our people, clients and networks: Women of W2O, W2Out and W2O Fusion.

Learn about our ERGs

Women of W2O

Women of W2O aims to level the playing field in the healthcare industry. By providing professional resources for our employees, fostering professional networks, and identifying opportunities to elevate our women clients as thought leaders, we support employees and clients with the resources they need to advance their careers and succeed.

We leverage data and analytics to better understand women’s experiences in the workplace so we can accurately shape our offerings and ensure we are delivering the most relevant package of resources to women within our agency and across our client base.


W2Out fosters a culture of inclusivity and support for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies at W2O. We promote industry-leading best practices for equality and inclusion in the workplace, advocate for and educate about the LGBTQ+ experience, and create meaningful conversations and programs that benefit our clients and our community.

W2O Fusion

W2O Fusion promotes inclusion of all multicultural individuals at W2O, advancing points of view and serving as a forum for mentorship that supports our company’s commitment to being an inclusive employer and making the world a healthier place for all. Our vision is that all W2O employees and the communities we serve are seen, heard and inspired. We aim to foster a greater understanding of the various communities represented at W2O by establishing multicultural best practices across our business and creating sustained programs for engagement, advocacy and business development.

Syracuse University Partnership

Syracuse University partnership.

To honor W2O’s roots in Syracuse University and ensure tomorrow’s PR and communications talent is just as impressive as today’s, we put skin in the game.

Our Partnership


W2O is happy to give employees a lot of sweet perks – and we expect a lot, in return. We know that when employees are happy to come to work every single day, we’re a lot more productive. As our CEO Jim Weiss says, “If you’re not enjoying it, why are you doing it?”

We offer far beyond the norm, with extra-special benefits W2Oers really love.

U.S. Benefits
Flexible Vacation + The Week Between Xmas and New Years

We realize that in this always-on world, people want more time off and greater flexibility so we allow our team members flexible PTO. We are also closed during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to give ourselves a break. If we are fresh, so are our ideas.

Employee Sabbatical

We award a 5-week paid sabbatical after five years of employment to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of your choice.

Parental Leave — “Fourth Trimester”

W2O recognizes the value of bonding time and offers paid time off for new parents to an extent that’s rare in our industry – up to 16 weeks of paid leave depending on tenure. The Fourth Trimester program provides a personal coach who engages with the parent and their manager for three months after their return to ensure the smoothest possible transition back to the workplace.

Preemie Policy

W2O recognizes that parents whose baby is born prematurely and must stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for an extended period before going home often have to return to work because they have used up their Parental Leave. For these parents, W2O offers a week of paid time off for every week a pre-term (before 36 weeks) baby is early – for up to eight weeks.

This Preemie Policy, coupled with W2O’s Fourth Trimester program, enables us to uniquely support our parents in and out of the office.

Health & Wellness — What You Expect, Plus Reimbursement For Massage Therapy or Gym Membership

W2O has built a business on being the healthcare partner to some of the world’s most notable brands, so we go out of our way to create a healthy environment for you. In addition to a robust benefits plan (medical, dental,life insurance, disability, FSAs, commuter reimbursement, and everything you would expect from a world-class company), we have a Wellness Programs that includes Benefit Fairs, Free Massages and an Annual Wellness Reimbursement of up to $200 toward fitness, gym memberships, health, and wellness (including massage therapy).Let’s get healthy together.

Retirement Savings

Pre-tax and post-tax options for retirement savings, plus a discretionary match to your 401(k).

Income Protection

No-cost disability, basic life, and other insurance available, with option for additional life insurance.

Access To The CEO, Flexible Work Environment And Other Perks

Very few companies our size feel this entrepreneurial. There’s little hierarchy and incredible access to the CEO and exec team. It’s a place you have a voice in shaping the company. And on top of that our Culture Clubs make sure we create an environment where you feel connected and well taken care of.

Bonuses for Everyone

As a private company, everyone is eligible for bonuses if we achieve our annual goals.

Also enjoy...
  • Cell Phone Service Discounts
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
U.K. Benefits
Pension Plan

We believe in trying to help you prepare financially for retirement so that you can enjoy the opportunities retirement provides. That’s why we offer a Company Pension scheme with a generous contribution. We will contribute a flat 6% of your base salary from 5th April 2019 to your company pension scheme. The minimum Employee contribution is 3%.

Group Income Protection

Coverage will be provided for 75% of your basic annual salary less the current rate of Employer Support Allowance (ESA) plus Work Related Activity Component. Under certain circumstances the policy provides income replacement should an employee be unable to work for medical reasons.

Group Life Assurance

Your beneficiary will receive 4 x base salary whichever is the lesser in effect at the time of your death.

Business Travel Accident

W2O Group provides coverage when traveling on company business.

Paid Time Off

There is more to life than work. Everyone risks burning out if life can be described as “all work and no play”. Therefore, we make it possible for you to take time off from work to rest, relax, and do the things that are important to you. You will receive 25 days per year, pro-rated at 2.08 days per month. Plus the company closes down for 3 days between Christmas and New Year’s Day inclusive.

Sabbatical Programme

We offer a sabbatical programme to renew the mind and spirit of W2O employees for their next stage of engagement at the agency. After every 5 years of service the program offers you the opportunity to take 5 consecutive weeks of paid time off if you meet the programme’s other criteria. You choose how to use this additional time off. All benefits continue during your sabbatical.

Continuing Education

The agency offers robust internal training and development programs to support continuous development in your career. Teams can also look to external trainings or industry membership as needed for development.

Private Medical Insurance

W2O offers private medical insurance to all permanent employees (once they have successfully completed their probation period). Coverage may also be extended to include family members.

Dental Insurance

W2O offers private dental cover to all permanent employees (once they have successfully completed their probation period). Coverage may also be extended to include family members.

Employee Assistance Program

This service provides the policy holder with unlimited 24 hour access to professional counsellors. The expert advisers and counsellors successfully deal with countless types of problems, worries and concerns. They can help with legal, financial worries, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more. Contact number 0800 030 5182.

Bonus Sacrafice

W2O offers employees the opportunity to sacrifice a percentage of their bonus to boost their pension funds within the Weisscomm Partners Ltd Group Personal Pension Plan (GPP) arrangement with Aegon.


W2O reimburses you up to £200.00 toward fitness, health and wellness activities you incur in each calendar year. All employees are eligible once employees have successfully completed probationary period prior to the reimbursement pay date, and must affirmatively represent that they have actively participated in an activity program to improve their overall health.

Open positions

W2O is an integrated marketing-communications firm where many departments collaborate to provide our clients the best products and the best service. See if there’s a job opening that may be right for you.