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The public perception of science has shifted over time – what once inspired, now has the capacity to instill distrust. It’s imperative that we reclaim the narrative back to the heart of what science can be: hopeful and human. Seema Kumar, Vice President, Innovation, Global Health, and Policy Communication at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, dives into this deeper on this week’s episode.

A quick side note, this week’s episode will feature a guest host, Greg Matthews, Managing Director, Healthcare Analytics Innovation at W2O. Greg has an incredible wealth of knowledge in the health innovation space, he’s a fantastic colleague, and I’m proud to call him a friend (even if he is a Cubs fan). I think you’ll enjoy hearing from him as much as I did.

During #W2OSXSW Seema spoke on our panel, “Breakthrough Innovators Who are Changing the World,” where modern day innovators in the areas of autonomous travel, food recovery, and healthcare, dove into the machine behind innovation. It was a well-attended, fascinating panel, and we knew wanted to pick Seema’s brain a bit more. During their chat, Seema and Greg discuss how we can shift the story of science back to one of awe and hope, A Brief History of Time, and the King of Pop. Take a listen below.

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