In the hyper-paced world of digital marketing and analytics, marketers are often hard pressed to keep up with the constantly changing news of the day. Between planning, executing and optimizing campaigns who has time to dig through the news to find relevant industry updates?

Seeing that this is an issue for most of our clients, we often cut through the noise and deliver updates on the most impactful trends in digital marketing and analytics. Now we’ve decided to open these insights up to everyone by publishing a weekly roundup of the most important news.

Here’s what our team of digital marketing and analytics experts are keeping track of this week.

  1. Salesforce Pardot Outage Impacts the Marketing Technology World: Last month all users of Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform, Pardot, experienced a 15-hour interruption. An outage on a platform of this size would normally raise quite a few eyebrows but the cause of the outage was even more concerning. The outage was reportedly caused by an errant update that resulted in being able see and edit all the organization’s data regardless of their permission level. This exposure could cause all kinds of security and privacy concerns within any impacted organization.

Main Takeaway: The entire marketing technology world has grown at lightspeed mostly due to the ever-expanding demands of marketers and analysts. This has led to a pace of innovation that is truly impressive. However, it should also be no surprise that this pace has resulted in a huge security risk stemming from one the industries biggest platforms. Organizations should hold back from pushing their technology functionality forward, but they should also be planning for every contingency at the same time.

  1. Foursquare Acquires Placed to Strengthen Location-Based Attribution: Consumer check-in app turned location data vendor, Foursquare, used a recent $150mm investment to acquire Placed, a location-based attribution vendor. Foursquare has quietly worked to establish itself as a leading location data vendor and this acquisition will certainly strengthen that position. By acquiring Placed, Foursquare users will have access to enhanced attribution features that include TV and Out of Home media.

Main Takeaway: Attribution is the analytical process of connecting marketing impressions to user conversions. Often attribution is talked about in the scope ecommerce; in other words, users purchasing online. However, it’s not uncommon for conversions to happen off-line (e.g. purchases at brick and mortar stores). At W2O we use location data as one of many inputs to build off-line attribution models.

  1. Bankrupt DSP, Sizmek, Quickly Acquired by Amazon: We’ve talked a lot of by the growth of Amazon’s advertising business through their Demand Side Platform (DSP). This acquisition makes clear that Amazon is serious about become a major player in this area and even give Google a run for its money.

Main Takeaway: It’s not just the potential scale of Amazon that should grab advertiser’s attention; it’s also the strategic moves, as this acquisition shows, that indicate Amazon is serious about investing in digital marketing. We are now at the point where Amazon should be at least considered as part of any well-rounded digital marketing mix.

Those are the three pieces of news we are watching closely this week. Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital marketing and analytics trends.

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