In the hyper-paced world of digital marketing and analytics, marketers are often hard pressed to keep up with the constantly changing news of the day. Between planning, executing and optimizing campaigns, who has time to dig through all the news to find relevant industry updates?

Recognizing that this is an issue for many of our clients, we cut through the noise and deliver updates on the most impactful trends in digital marketing and analytics. Now, we’ve decided to open these insights up to everyone by publishing a weekly roundup of the most important news.

Here’s what our team of digital marketing and analytics experts is keeping track of this week.

  1. Dun & Bradstreet Moves Beyond Data with Acquisition of Lattice Engines: Dun & Bradstreet has a 178-year history of providing B2B data and analysis. Now, D&B has placed itself in one of the newest technology platform categories – Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) – with the acquisition of Lattice Engines. That company focuses on making customer data more accessible and usable for its B2B clients, so this marriage makes sense on paper. However, it will be interesting to see how old and new combine to tackle current industry challenges.

Main Takeaway: Data companies can no longer rely on solely providing data. Instead, they need to also provide the technology that comes with it. This can be seen with a similar announcement from TransUnion’s purchase of TruSignal. For users, this means more functionality to come with their data purchases. However, it can also mean more integration headaches between multiple tech vendors.

  1. Amazon Opens Its Personalization Services to Everyone, for Free: Amazon’s rich customer data and heavy investment in technology has made it the north star of personalized marketing. That’s why it’s so exciting that Amazon has opened up its personalization tech, Amazon Personalize, to all AWS users for free. At W2O, we’ve used personalization with a number of clients to improve results, which is why our tech team is already getting to work on this new service.

Main Takeaway: Even with the best data and tech, personalization is really difficult to get right and so easy to get wrong. This announcement represents a low-risk way for marketers to get started with personalization. However, Amazon Personalize is not no-risk; proper testing and monitoring is necessary with any updates to the customer experience and personalization is no different.

  1. Salesforce and Google Invest Big in Data Visualization: Salesforce announced its acquisition of Tableau, a leader in data visualization and dashboarding. Salesforce has been known to scoop up leading Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors so this purchase was not surprising but the price tag of $15.7 billion was stunning. Similarly, Google shelled out $2.6 billion for the business intelligence (BI) platform Looker.

Main Takeaway: Salesforce and Google made these acquisitions in part to gain access to Tableau’s and Looker’s large user bases. However, these moves also speak to the importance of not only gathering data but also making sure it is presented in a way that is insightful. We often hear our clients’ frustrations in receiving data-dump style reports with no context. That’s why our analysts work hard to create custom reports for every use case.


Watch this space weekly as we’ll continue to keep you updated on digital marketing and analytics trends.

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