ASH 2018 (American Society of Hematology’s Annual Meeting& Exposition) has come and gone so it’s time for us to peer into MDigitalLife and see how health stakeholders engaged at the preeminent hematology conference. One of the most unique elements of MDigitalLife is the collection of HCP digital presences matched back to their unique NPI numbers. This connection allows us to analyze HCPs based on a plethora of data points, including their Twitter activity. To really lean into this unique asset and provide the most value to our readers, we’ve decided to specifically look at how HCPs engaged in ASH18 and who they were most interested in this year. There were over 37K tweets from 7,400+ unique twitter handles mentioning #ASH18 from 12/1 to 12/4. Of that conversation, we tracked 13,132 tweets from 1,064 verified HCPs categorized in MDigitalLife. To compare that to previous years, we looked at the number of verified HCPs posting at ASH since 2014 and plotted them in the graph below.
First the good news, #ASH18 total HCP conversation increased with a 3% bump over HCP conversation at #ASH17. However, we did see a slight decline in the number of unique HCPs posting at ASH this year, compared to last year. It was only a drop of 34 HCPs (-3%) but considering the change from 2016to 2017 was an increase of 339 HCPs (+44%) it is a bit concerning. Looking at it another way, the smaller number of HCPs cranked out more posts than the year before with an average of 12.3 posts per author this year compared to 11.6 last year. HCPs were more active for ASH18, indicating a strong backchannel conversation and highly engaged audience. When you look a little deeper you see that 43.6% of that HCP conversation came from just the top 20 most active HCPs, so we are clearly seeing a very engaged core group of HCPs who are driving nearly half of the conversation. Knowing who those core HCPs are and what they are saying is crucial to understanding the key messages coming out of ASH. Beyond just volume of HCP conversation, we also took a look at which accounts HCPs are mentioning most to understand the most “popular”handles at ASH18. Reviewing the list, you may notice quite a few familiar faces from last year’s #ASH17recap including our 3 most active HCPs at #ASH17, Dr. Thompson (@MTMDPhd), Dr. Majhail (@BldCancerDoc) & Dr. Mohty (@Mohty_EBMT). Other familiar faces include passionate patient advocates Myeloma Teacher (@MyelomaTeacher) & Yelak Biru(@NorthTxMSG). Side note, it’s always a good sign to see patient advocates engaging alongside HCPs during medical meetings to ensure the patients voice is heard. Every account on the list above is absolutely crucial to the online ASH community, but we also wanted to look beyond popularity, to engagement in order to understand the accounts contributing the most shared content by HCPs during #ASH18.
Looking at this list of accounts receiving the most retweets by HCPs during #ASH18, we begin to identify some new faces contributing excellent content like Harvard Hematologist-Oncologist David Steensma (@DavidSteensma), Oxford HematologistGraham Collins (@Graham74gc), andUCSF Hematologist Nina Shah (@NinaShah33).Combined with longstanding HCP online influencers like Vincent Rajkumar (@VincentRK), Naveen Pemmaraju (@DoctorPemm), Miguel Perales (@DrMiguelPerales) and others, wesee a tremendous core of active HCPs contributing engaging content and leading a thriving online community centered around #ASH18. The HCP ASH community is clearly in good hands. For more on the importance of social media at ASH, be sure to listen to my wonderful colleagues Eileen O’Brien & Brianna Pereira’s W2OGoPodcast on the topic published earlier this week. And If you are interested in understanding more about the online ASH conversation and how you can best engage with key health stakeholders online, shoot me a note on Twitter/LinkedIn or fill out our contact us form and we will be in touch!