Financial Times Looks at How Communications is Changing & the Role of Entrepreneurial Instinct in Innovation

I always enjoy speaking with David Gelles, who writes about social media and online trends for The Financial Times, since he gets to the point and focuses on the business of social media, not the hype. I’ve linked to an article he wrote last week where I add my two cents.

Here are a few key insights that resonated with me.

The first tweet was sent by co-founder Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006. Like many innovations, it was unclear what it would lead to at the time. Once again, entrepreneurs just sort of know when something is right.

Jeremiah Owyang likens it to when Goodyear stumbled upon the use of rubber for tires…it happens…and sometimes it is just plain good luck.

Our early work at Dell is cited. I remember clearly when our team went to SXSW in March, 2007 and started talking about Twitter. We really didn’t fully understand it at that time, but we decided to embrace it and find out what it could do. Lionel Menchaca, Richard Binhammer, Ricardo Guerrero and other members of our team just sort of knew this was worthwhile… can’t replace instinct.

Today, we are at the very edge of Twitter for e-commerce. It’s just beginning. And my view….is that I’m quite sure it will lead to a big change in how we do business over time….sort of feels like March, 2007 all over again….

You can read David’s article at

All the best, Bob Pearson

Bob Pearson
Bob Pearson

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