One of the most important aspects of a growing firm is to constantly look ahead yet be grounded in improving core aspects of the business and ways to truly deliver for clients, accelerate growth and create an environment of learning and opportunity.

This is a major balancing act we seek to master at W2O Group on our mission to Become the Best.

Our ability to do this lies not in the tangible assets we develop or acquire but in the recognition and assimilation of how we work together, learn from one another, interact, focus, ideate and solve problems for our clients and for ourselves.

As we evolve based on the shifts in business, something we’ve managed over the last 16 years, there are some key learnings – or what I’m calling our 5 “truths” – that guide our thinking and provide the context necessary to do our jobs every day:

  1. Digital is Everything and Everything is Digital – There has been much discussion and even debate over PR vs. marketing. The truth is that digital envelopes everything. Digital is a way of life. Digital gives consumers and employees the power in relationships with brands, redefining expectations and value propositions. We all must become “digitized” or see what we’re doing through a digital lens. We must all become “marketing scientists” leveraging analytics and insights to guide what we do. We all must read and embrace the gospel of our already published textbooks PreCommerce, Digital Marketing Analytics, Location Based Marketing for Dummies and Storytizing and two new ones we will publish next year The Agency of the Future and The Future of Data.
  2. We are Interdependent – Each and every one of us is critical to our success and we can only succeed if we work together, respect each other, and rely on each other in delivering for our clients. Do we see ourselves and our colleagues this way? We need each other more than ever to navigate what is becoming an increasingly complex marketing and business environment. Are we talking with each other and with our clients in a dialogue that makes things better or talking past each other?
  3. Our Business is Getting Bigger So We Need to Think Bigger –As we scale and grow, our perspective must get larger and wider. We must see things from a higher perch. Client expectations are rising in terms of ideas and solutions.  Are we thinking and delivering at the highest possible level for them?
  4. We are One of the Big Kids Now – While it may seem odd to say this since we always see ourselves as the underdog, the profession increasingly views W2O as a major player they can’t quite figure out. Our new brand platform conveys this positioning. But, are we ready to act like a leader and come ready to play to win each and every time?
  5. Curiosity Rules – Regardless of where you sit in the firm, the one constant for all of us remains – curiosity. Why? Curiosity makes you smarter and benefits our clients more. The more we probe, delve, inquire, ask and seek, the better we understand and the more confident we become. What are you curious about?

As much as we work to design the most effective system to deliver “unfair advantage” to our clients, these basic truths of our firm will persist.

Imagine how far ahead we can get if each of us made these “truths” a personal commitment?

Think about it and continue to BUILD. Yours with these in mind.