There is one constant in business, it’s always changing!

Having said that, the following are great reads as we begin a new year, each exploring an element of business success – strategy, leadership, and innovation.



Playing To Win…How Strategy Really Works

A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin

Lafley actually co-wrote this book after he left P&G – he is now back as CEO – detailing the pragmatic side of strategy – how leaders, managers and employees actually interact to bring strategy to life.

In addition, the critical nature of strategic communications as both a lever and a catalyst is explored throughout making this an even more important read for anyone in our profession.

Leaders Eat Last…Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t    

Simon Sinek

How can you go wrong with a book written by the author of “Start with Why?”  Answer: You can’t.

While Lafley and Martin center us on the importance of strategy as unifier for business success, Sinek delves into the true nature of leadership today in any endeavor.  This is an absolute fascinating read for anyone looking to discern the how and why of successful individuals who commit to each other to achieve collective success.

The Reinventors…How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change

Jason Jennings

Continual reinvention of a business’ value proposition while adhering to a core purpose and set of values is the formula for sustained success.

Jennings features specific organizations and how they are “reinventing” themselves on the run offering fresh benefits to customers, maintaining a high degree of employee engagement, and garnering new popularity.

The Age of the Platform…How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business

Phil Simon

An excellent synthesis on the ecosystems forming around customers, users, vendors, partners, marketers, and executives – platforms – that are revolutionizing how businesses are formed and sustained.

The book discusses which platforms really benefit customers, consumers, and the industry at large and how they can be optimized over the long term for maximum success.

It’s basically how business is conducted.