Genomic Health

Creating a defining moment

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The Ask

The goal was to drive adoption of the Oncotype DX test and provide early-stage breast cancer patients with a score used to determine if chemotherapy is necessary for their treatment.

The Brief

Genomic Health challenged W2O to raise awareness of the unnecessary use of chemotherapy when treating early-stage breast cancer and the need for personalized treatment in a manner that does not offend the healthcare community or instill fear in patients yet retains a compelling, motivating message.

The Solution

Developed a consumer-facing messaging platform about the importance of personalized treatment by using patient testimonials that deliver an emotional and clear call to action to get tested and know the score. In addition to shooting the videos, we launched a campaign website, journal ads, and a network of social media properties that leverages sharing, with viral potential.

Lupin Pharmaceutical

Keep Her Awesome is an awareness campaign that educates women about bacterial vaginosis while destigmatizing the condition.

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Lifts the burden of pain with an innovative, non-invasive procedure using a small implant that relieves the pressure of lumbar spinal stenosis.

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