This is the second post in a series leading up to the TCT 2017 Conference, find the first post here.

This week we are continuing our series analyzing the upcoming TCT (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics) conference in Denver. In case you missed last week’s blog, we reviewed the TCT 2017 Social Media Faculty, speaking in the “Social Media in Cardiology” series on Nov. 1 from 12-2pm. In our first blog, we focused on the speakers’ online presence, level of influence and their connections to the online health ecosystem.

What are the TCT Social Media Faculty Saying Online?

This week we are focusing on WHAT those speakers say online, specifically on twitter. We used our proprietary MDigitalLife database to pull all tweets from each author over the last year (10.1.16 – 9.31.17) and crunched the numbers to characterize their online activity. First off, we look at the key events driving conversation.

 TCT Social Media Faculty Conversation Peaks at Cardiology Scientific Sessions

As we often see with twitter conversation, annual meetings drove the major spikes in conversation. The TCT SM faculty were most active at ACC 2017, posting over 3,200 times with some form of the ACC hashtag – #ACC17 (1,563), #ACCFIT (606), #ACCEarlyCareer (482), #ACCIC (460), #ACCWIC (172) in March 2017 alone.

Annual Meetings and Cardiology Procedure Hashtags are Used Most Frequently

In the above chart, the blue bars represent the % of TCT SM faculty* who posted with the corresponding hashtag over the last year; the gray shaded bars represent the cumulative total number of posts using the hashtag by all TCT SM faculty combined. You can quickly see that #RadialFirst was used the most, even though it was not shared by 100% of speakers. For those unaware, #RadialFirst refers to physicians stating that the best path to the heart is through the radial artery, so it’s not a surprise to see Interventional Cardiologists using it frequently. Overall, the most commonly utilized hashtags are related to cardiology scientific sessions/annual meetings and procedures/conditions relevant to interventional cardiologists. If you want to connect with the faculty, these are the hashtags to follow and engage with!

TCT SM Faculty Share Cardiology, Health News & Major News Outlet Domains Most Frequently

 Only two domains were shared by all TCT Social Media Faculty, &, indicating a high importance on research and video content. was shared the most with 775 times, followed by with 406 shares. was shared by 85% of the faculty, but Shelley Wood, Managing Editor of TCTMD, did inflate the share numbers with 300+ shares of TCTMD links. The remaining top domains are health and major news outlets. Keep an eye on these domains to stay abreast of topics relevant to the TCT SM faculty.

 US HCP’s Lead the Way in Mentions by TCT SM Faculty

US HCPs, specifically Cardiologists and Interventional Cardiologists, were far and away mentioned most frequently by TCT SM Faculty. The two exceptions in the top 13 were British MDs: Mamas Mamas, an Interventional Cardiologist at Keele University, & Dr. Pascal Meier, Editor-in-Chief Open Heart (BMJ).

At the top of the mentions list is Dr. Sheila Sahni, Interventional Cardiologist & Director of Social Media and Engagement at #UCLAWomensHeart, with 4,164 total TCT SM Faculty mentions and 100% of TCT SM Faculty mentioning her over the last year. Still, the entire group of top mentioned handles is a who’s who list of top HCPs in the cardiology space. Anyone interested in connecting to the online interventional cardiology conversation would be wise to follow and engage with these HCPs and the TCT SM Faculty on Twitter.

Don’t Miss the Social Media in Cardiology Series at TCT 2017!

If you are attending TCT this year, be sure to join the “Social Media in Cardiology” series on Nov. 1. Our own, Greg Matthews (@chimoose) will be speaking on Social Media: The New Platform for Influence in Interventional Cardiology at 1:05pm. Greg will use next-generation analytical tools to reveal current trends of exchanges between interventional cardiologists within social media, which interventional cardiologists are most influential among their peers, and the top 10 most debated interventional topics online in 2017 (to date).

Look for our 3rd installment in this series on TCT’s Social Media in Cardiology focus next week. In the meantime, you can connect with the social media faculty and follow along with their conversations on twitter via the @MDigitalLife’s Twitter List.

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*Stephanie Gutch is on twitter but has not posted, so she was not included in the TCT SM Faculty percentage calculations.