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Following up from our first update last week, please see below for a recap of presentations from our colleagues and special guests on Day 1 of the W2O Go.Ahead in Health Summit!

The Patient Perspective (Dorothy Jones, Vice President of Marketing at Susan G. Komen)

Dorothy spoke about the best practices in reaching patients and how digital channels are amplifying the patient voice and advocacy. In the changing digital landscape, we need to focus on the way we approach access, advocacy and digital channels. The digital space has helped us become more informed, however, people aren’t utilizing the information. Dorothy said it is important to empower people to act on this information by keeping your messaging simple, illustrating the benefits clearly and providing actionable next steps. Patients want information. Find out where they are, what they are looking for and in what stage of their journey they need this information. After the presentation, W2O employees were able to witness something truly amazing. Following a heartfelt story from a cancer survivor, W2O offered a generous donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The round-of-applause felt in the room solidified the importance of the work we do each day.

Panel: Future of Integrated Healthcare Delivery
Moderators: Jennifer Davis and Marisa Carullo
Panelists: Kathleen Hertzog, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Availity, Elizabeth Gerstung, Managing Director at Evolent Health, and Betsy Kline, Vice President Global Marketing, Proteus Digital Health

The panelists spoke about how integrated health systems, companies and products are changing the way health is delivered today and in the future. Current trends are showing reduced hospitalizations and reduced costs associated with integrated health care delivery. We need to develop the market by educating people on these important shifts in health care along with what tools are available. We are going to have a broader audience, so it’s important to think about unique ways to engage them and take learnings from other industries on how to educate and drive action.

Involved physicians will create and empower informed patients and informed patients will take greater ownership of their health and their relationships with their physicians. With the evolution of the informed patient, patient engagement will rely on delivering integrated, personalized care tailored to the patient’s history, finances, demographics, etc. It’s about delivering the right information at the right place and at the right time.

Panel: Genomics Revolution
Moderator: Kelly France
Panelists: Tracy Garcia, Account Director, W2O, Raluca Kurz, MS, LCGC, Invitae, and Katherine Sutherland, MD, Women Physicians OB/GYN Medical Group, El Camino Hospital

The panelists discussed how genomics and personalized medicine are changing research, treatment and patient communication. Technology advances have brought sequencing prices down and has helped drive more interpretation of the genome, and the market for genetic testing is expected to increase with this trend. Genetics will likely ultimately create a revolution in diagnostics and personalized treatment. However, physicians are hesitant to use genetic tests due to the technology and uncertainty and insurers are worried about the expense. We need to demonstrate that the future of this technology will drive great medical advances and that reimbursement will work. Once this is achieved, genetics will ultimately be taken out of the clinic and brought directly to the consumer which will enable us to take action from a public health standpoint.

Panel: Putting it Together: Integrated Communications
Moderator: Audrey Gross
Panelists: David Witt, Christina Devi, Eric Hawkinson, and Carl Engelmarc

The W2O panel members came together to talk about overcoming the challenges of engagement, new opportunities, and lessons learned. When working with our clients, we need to be persistent on the value added in our propositions. Be aware of the current state of the industry and where the client sits, and use this knowledge to model how you can partner with them to be successful in the current climate.

These models should understand what the benefits are, measure those benefits and provide a summary of what the value is.
If our company is offering integrated communications, then our people should be familiar with all components of what we are offering – KNOW THE DATA. Clients want to know what the insights mean for them and how they will help their business. Have a clear process in place and look at the insights with a plan in mind. Work with your team to build integrated plans around these insights and client needs and bring options for solutions to a problem.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates!

-Roving Reporters