At W2O group, we take pride in our growing internship program, offered in the fall, spring, and summer. We always make sure to give our interns meaningful projects that challenge and empower them in their professional journey. This past summer, we had a stellar group and we want to spotlight one in particular, Joe Donenfeld, who was a dedicated member of our team and eager to learn. He provided me with some insight in regards to his experience in our New York office this past summer.

[Blaire] What did you enjoy most about your summer internship with WCG?
[Joe:] I loved the people I worked with. The analytics team created a learning environment, yet I was also given a tremendous amount of responsibility. I was able to reach out to anyone in the company, no matter what department, or position and set up a meeting. I quickly developed mentors in different departments as well as my own. I walked away from the summer with a totally new perspective.
[Blaire:] What is the most important thing you learned in regards to professional/personal development?
[Joe:] It’s important to always in a position to learn something and add value to yourself.

He also gave the following reasons that made his internship so worthwhile:

1. “I was working with the smartest people in the field, who took the time to mentor me and provide constructive feedback.”
2. “I had complete access to everyone at the company, including executives, who were all eager to take the time to guide me and answer any questions I had.”
3. “Everyone I worked with treated me as a colleague and I was given a workload equivalent to a full-time employee, so I actually got a taste of what it meant to work at WCG.”

Joe, a Senior at Tufts University, created the following infographic based on his experience with our team. Check out more information about his experience and other infographics in his personal blog,

Thank you Joe, on behalf of the W2O Team, for deciding to Go.Ahead. by sharing your experience and creativity! We appreciate the shout out and wish you the best in all future endeavors.

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