Posted on behalf of Damion White.

I don’t often feel like I am witnessing a revolution that is about to happen. It is a rare and exhilarating feeling to find yourself at a threshold – in the same space and in the exact moment – connected to anything or anyone destined to have a significant impact on the world. I felt exactly like this less than 48 hours ago.

Before he departed for the #MayoRagan Summit, Greg Matthews and I chatted about his work leading the development and launch of MDigital Life. MDigital Life is a Big Data capable, social media analytics tool with onboard data visualization platforms. It is the newest product in a growing line of innovative proprietary offerings developed by W2O Group and its subsidiaries.

To avoid droning on about what MDigital Life is – Greg explains it in the embedded videos and you should watch them – I’ll just say that I am honored to be among the first to share knowledge of this advancement with the rest of the world. More than it is a potentially revolutionary innovation in data analytics technology, MDigital Life represents the manifestation of Greg’s passion for channeling solutions in healthcare communications that benefit physicians and patients, and the vision and entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of W2O’s culture and models.

We are just moments away from the official introduction of MDigital life. Within the hour, Greg will deliver his address at the MayoRagan Summit in Minnesota. Tune in via Twitter, #MayoRagan (or #MayoRagan2012) to learn more.