Artificial intelligence has been described as revolutionary as electricity has been to the human race. It’s proper place in health care is still uncertain. Optimistic futurists – and some overheated marketing – have suggested that computers will one day replace doctors, starting with radiologists.

In his new book Deep Medicine, Dr. Eric Topol, the Executive Vice president at Scripps Research and a geneticist and cardiologist by training, argues that Artificial Intelligence tools will actual enhance the doctor/patient relationship by replacing many of the mundane and routine tasks doctors are currently saddled. With administrative burdens reduced, doctors will have more time to do what they love most – interacting with, diagnosing and hopefully healing patients.

During this week’s episode of What2Know, Dr. Topol, discusses harnessing AI to better healthcare, he proposes how the relationship of AI and healthcare should look, and he shares the one thing he would change in the world of healthcare tomorrow (hint: data ownership). Take a listen to the episode below.