Despite current challenges and uncertainties in healthcare, this sector of our industry continues to evolve and expand faster than we have ever seen. 

As the #2 ranked Healthcare communications agency by O’Dwyers , W2O Group continues to stay one step ahead of the changing landscape of our business to partner with companies in all areas of the health industry — from pharmaceuticals to health IT to health insurers .  What makes us different?   1) We have the best, brightest and most dedicated people in the industry, all who come from different sectors of our business converging here to deliver a more holistic, streamlined, flexible, 360 model across one long hallway; 2) We are deeply rooted in analytics to gain a deeper view of what and who influences patients and healthcare professionals in real-time.  This has enabled us to develop meaningful educational platforms and tools to that make a difference and improve patient outcomes.

Having spent the last two decades immersed in health, I can say there is no question that those of us who choose to focus in this area come with an intense passion to make a difference in the lives of people fighting and living with some of the most challenging diseases.  Nothing is more gratifying than that feeling of creating a groundswell of awareness of an important diagnostic test to get ahead of a disease, helping bring a new treatment to market, or simply creating a screening tool that brings a physician and patient one step closer to working together to improve that patient’s health.

I have always found that if you let your passion guide you will find yourself on the most gratifying and fulfilling journey you could ever have imagined.  I am a science geek at heart and being able to apply that passion to my career has made my journey more fulfilling.  I can only hope that it is an inspiration to everyone else who has found or is searching for a career that allows them to fulfill their personal passion through their work.