2018’s “Large Healthcare Agency of the Year” finalist by Medical Marketing & Media

Highly regulated health organizations can only break new ground by going deep to understand their audiences so they can reach them with actionable messages.

Broad and deep industry experience

  • Pharmaceuticals
    (including 23 of the top 25 Fortune pharma companies)
  • Biotechnology
  • Digital Health
  • Device and Dx
  • Payer
  • Provider and Professional Associations
  • Advocacy

“Our job is to help our clients reach those audiences with messages that break through and resonate to drive behavior change. We’re in the unique position of bringing a full suite of integrated offerings to our healthcare clients led by analytics-informed strategy.”

Emily Poe

Chief Client Officer

Healthcare’s only audience architecture platform

We want to know how an audience speaks, learns, and shares, so we built a proprietary analytics platform that maps the digital footprint of 1.1 million health ecosystem profiles, including physicians, healthcare advocates, patients, and hospitals in 173 countries around the world.

Media Hover over diagram elements to discover our unbeatable data and insights Drug We have data on over 9,000 drugs Company We're digitally tracking over 30,000 companies, executives, and employees Our data includes 4.29 billion individual prescriptions over the last 12 months from more than 1.6 million providers Healthcare Providers We have digital properties for over 1 million healthcare providers Forum Posts Ingested 100M+ consumer forum posts over last 12 months Sunshine Act We have access to 53 million records of payments to physicians, covering $33.42 billion to 977,000 physicians Publications We have access to 28 million scientific articles going back to 1966, with more than 14 million abstracts for text analysis Clinical Trials We track more than 280,000 studies tracked across over 200 countries Therapeutic Area We're tracking over 1,000 different disease/symptom areas, and cataloging advocacy groups, providers, and patients interacting in that space Advocacy We're connected with over 17,000 advocacy groups and individuals Media We follow over 11,000 media outlets and journalists talking about healthcare, and connecting directly with companies, patients, providers, and advocacy groups Advocacy Therapeutic Area Clinical Trials Publications Sunshine Act

Recent awards recognizing healthcare work across W2O


Keep Her Awesome

Internet Advertising Competition Outstanding Website

Ava Digital Awards

Demira “CheckYour Sweat”
Platinum – Digital Marketing

Shorty Awards

Pfizer “Woman On”
Health & Fitness – Finalist

MM&M Awards

“2018 Large Healthcare Agency of the Year” Finalist

In2 SABRE Awards — Holmes Report

Best Use of Social (finalist) Pfizer’s “WomanOn”

The Creative Floor Awards

Best Smartphone App Merck’s Saizoom app

PR News Platinum Awards

Best PSA Sanofi’s “Flu + You”

Global Expertise

Expansive footprint, global regulatory expertise

We partner with multinational companies to help them shape the complex global healthcare environment and have successfully created and delivered campaigns in over 40 countries. We’re supported by our international team and their multi-language analytics and insights capabilities, along with a hand-selected partner network.

Our approach has been recognised in the awards we’ve won for our global insight-led, creative, multi-channel approach, while our senior leadership team regularly contributes to Social Media Week, SxSW, and other industry and client events, helping shape the future of the worldwide healthcare ecosystem.

PRWeek Power Book

PRWeek’s UK 2018 celebrated Coady in 2018’s Power Book top 10 for healthcare communication agencies.

Earned Media

W2O has amassed the leading media relations team in the business.

“I can genuinely say that W2O has the best earned media relations team in healthcare today. Not only do we pride ourselves on our relationships and experience, but our unique analytics also gives us an unfair advantage to ensure we’re working effectively with our colleagues across the PESO channels to meet our clients’ objectives.”

Dream Team

W2O is known for our 300+ PR professionals, but our 20+ staff of earned media healthcare experts is a core draw for our healthcare clients. We’ve attracted the top talent from the leading news outlets and PR/digital agencies representing virtually all core areas of healthcare: global pharma, biotech, baby biotech, medical device, med-tech, rare disease, consumer health & top healthcare systems.


20+ Staff

Healthcare earned media pros

Influencer Work

Driven by analytics

Executive Coaching

Narrative-building sessions

“We counsel corporate and thought leaders to hone their communications skills and prepare them to reap the value inherent in every interaction and venue. Our distinctive services are custom-made for all levels of spokespeople — from bench scientists to CEOs — and our coaching sessions are focused on communicating clearly, simply and powerfully.”

Mike Huckman

Global Practice Leader, Executive Communications

Executive Communications

  • Media counsel/coaching
  • Presentation counsel/coaching
  • Mock Interview prep
  • Event counsel/coaching
  • Event hosting
  • Sales meetings
  • Story mining/narrative development
  • FDA/ Ad comm prep


Market research and insights via the most advanced tech in the business

Our capabilities span qualitative to quantitative, including primary market research. We lean on a diverse range of data sources and methodologies, giving our clients robust audience-centric (not channel-centric) insights into thought and behavior. Our best-in-class analytical methodologies leverage AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), and instead of just delivering reports, we consult to help our clients build cutting-edge teams, best-practices and technologies.


Analysts, Data Scientists & Researchers

Analytics Driven Report

Social Oncology Project 2018

“We looked at everything from the topics that make up the global oncology conversation to narrower examinations of hashtag communities and the way that they bring patients, caregivers and providers together.”

Read Analysis & Get Report

4 Research Frameworks

Want to read minds? W2O’s healthcare analytics are basically the closest you can get. Our approach spans a wide variety of research frameworks to uncover the needed insights about the brand and/or category.

  • Language and lexicon used to discuss disease and treatment
  • Emotions, concerns, questions & barriers, and challenges
  • Perceptions and experiences on treatment
  • Sentiment drivers
  • Underlying reason for engagement
  • Demographics and patient type engagement
  • Usage of channel and engagement
  • How do patients utilize tools for support and education?
  • Impact on QOL and behavior
  • Psychographics
  • Online Impact – how often are specific HCPs mentioned?
  • KOL Metrics – how often do they publish and conduct research?
  • Online Influencer – how frequently do they post? How well does it resonate?

Scientific Strategy

Healthcare mar-comms needs healthcare experts

With 150+ healthcare clients in play at once, we recognize the need to have medical experts on staff. Our scientific strategists leverage a deep understanding of the science behind established and emerging therapies to strengthen two core pillars of our offering:

This colors everything we do, from setting off in the best direction to streamlining the approvals process.

Strategic Thinking
Situational assessments, positioning development & creative platforms

Scientific Storytelling
Mechanism of disease/MOA stories & core disease/product messaging

“We uncover and leverage deep scientific insights to build best-in-class scientific strategy and storytelling. Our team works closely with analysts, brand strategists, and creatives to drive highly differentiated positioning and communications.”

Ujwal Pyati, PhD

Head of Scientific Strategy


Tech drives healthcare marketing

The only way to be impactful today is focusing where your targets naturally are, and making sure content is perfectly curated and adapted to their needs. That’s still not the industry standard, but for our clients, it is.

“The astonishing immediacy and personalization of tech have transformed our lives and disrupted healthcare. At W2O, we’re proud to drive this work with analytics-informed digital activation.”

Adam Cossman

Chief Digital Officer, W2O

Social Media & Paid Activation

Our seasoned experts bring a deep understanding of social media strategy and translate insights into actionable results.

“Our data driven approach enables us to help clients achieve business objectives and not get caught up in chasing the new ‘shiny object’. Social media is constantly evolving and the deep experience of our global social media experts ensures that our clients innovate while staying compliant with regulatory guidelines.”

Eileen O’Brien

Managing Director, Social Media

Investor Relations

Expert Advisory and Strategy Counsel

From Bench to Bedside: Targeting the right investor audiences at every stage

  • Expert IR counsel from company formation through VC funding rounds, IPO and liquidity events
  • Identify institutions active in your sector using proprietary and unique analytic tools
  • Creating a creative and powerful narrative translating science to commercial opportunity
  • Amplifying the buzz on the “Street” using multiple channels and integrated efforts
  • Expert counsel: we see the potential for success in the best and most challenging times
  • Passive and active investor engagement strategies
  • The Boardroom: IR’s changing role, effectiveness and impact
  • Serving as the executive team’s ONLY unbiased advocate

“Strategic IR integrates finance, communications, marketing, analytics and securities law compliance to drive effective two-way communication between a company and key stakeholders. Our integrated approach enables companies [OR clients] to achieve critical goals: fair valuations and delivering shareholder value.”

Keri P. Mattox

Global Lead, Integrated Corporate Communications

Value & Access

Deep experience helping clients understand & respond to a rapidly changing pricing climate

Success or failure in the health care marketplace means understanding the nuances of a fragmented system where every stakeholder sees spending in a unique way. That means we’re engaged in daily discussions of everything from gross-to-net spreads to point-of-sale rebates to the weighting of health-state utilities in value frameworks. The goal: give each client a complete picture of the complex access and reimbursement needs of each stakeholder that is grounded in data.


Drug Pricing, Reimbursement & Access Stories

Popular services

With a prepared narrative that’s been proven to be received well, your conversations can adjust to be more proactive and less reactive.

Commercial Consulting
  • Early drafting of product/value and/or corporate proposition that match the realities of the market
  • Using social, influencer and organizational analytics and research to drive more efficient investment in early commercial resource planning, market development ad pre-launch planning, identify essential risks and effectively scenario planning with commercial teams
Value Story Evolution & Activation
  • Assessing risk around value, pricing and access decisions at both a brand and policy level
  • Crafting value-driven communications to protect and defend brands with critical stakeholders, from media to payers to employers
  • Partnering to more deeply understand (or underscore) where their “value voice” could/should be in their marketplace
  • Coaching executives, spokespeople and subject-matter experts to more effectively articulate pricing and value messaging
Payer Marketing
  • Crafting value-driven communications to launch, protect and/or defend brands
  • More deeply understand (or underscore) their “value voice” and how to activate around it to improve their market position (corporate/category/brand)
  • Design integrated marketing execution plans across customer-facing, brand and corporate functions to impact market performance/acceptance of brands

“The new trifecta: efficacy, safety and value. Companies won’t succeed without proof of all three supported by modeling and visibility in their target markets.”

Rita Glaze

Practice Leader, U.S. Market Access

“It’s no longer enough to get a new therapy on the market. To succeed, companies have to prove they’re bringing value to a dizzying array of audiences… and communicate that proof to the right people, in the right way. We’ve built an analytics-driven approach to tackling that challenge from the ground up.”

Brian Reid

Managing Director, Value & Access

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