W2O Group colleague, Ryan Flinn, wrote a nice piece today about the healthy social showing at the J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference wrapping up in San Francisco this week.

…Many of the attendees felt like the event was quieter than previous years, noting the ease in which one could make their way down the narrow hallway from the Colonial ballroom to the breakout room without being pressed into a human blob. Still, Doug Braunstein, CFO of JP Morgan, noted this year’s event attracted a record 9,200, attendees compared to less than 100 attendees at the first event back in 1983, according to an article by Medical Device Daily.

To the dismay of many in the industry hoping for exceedingly positive proclamations, Adam Feuerstein, the cranky columnist from The Street, continued his social media dominance at the event. His 625 mentions on the social network put him in first place above Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff and Luke Timmerman from Xconomy…

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Ryan is Director of Earned Media at W2O Group. Before joining us, he was most recently a biotech reporter for Bloomberg News.