For most of us, the idea of “big data” is either terrifying, utterly overwhelming, or both. What does big data even mean? How are we supposed to make sense of infinite amounts of information? Once we’ve made some sense of it all, how can we make cents from it all? Stop. Take a deep breath. Let go and let analytics.

Here at W2O, we have an extraordinarily talented analytics team working hard to answer the big questions. We’ve built an industry-leading team for a few very important reasons. We believe a creative brief is not enough. We believe building content strategies on foundations of analytical data is a more intelligent approach. We believe the evolution of digital data provides us an opportunity to develop programs that identify the right audience, understand their interest areas, and reach them with the right content, at the right time, in the right channel. Do you know what else? Big brands believe as well. In fact, the smartest brands are stepping their content marketing up a notch by finding needles in giant haystacks of data because they’re asking the right questions and making sense of the data first.

Analytics Information


At W2O’s event with Sprinklr on Monday in Santa Clara, executives from major companies in Silicon Valley will discuss how they’re using analytics to deliver more innovative content experiences to their current and potential customers. The panelists will explain their greatest challenges in reaching their audience with content that matters and what they’re doing to overcome these challenges with the power of data.

If you’d like to attend the event, register here. See below for our esteemed list of panelists – we hope you’ll join the discussion.

Greg Eden – Vice President, Brand & Communications, Autodesk

Judy Yee – Executive Vice President of Marketing, Crystal Geyser Water Company

Stacey Wu – Vice President, Marketing Operations, Analytics and Automation, Avaya

Niki Hall – Vice President of Marketing, Polycom

Jack Richard – Director of Marketing, Customer Experience & Storytelling, Hewlett Packard

Michael Brito – Head of Social Strategy, WCG, a W2O Company