At today’s PreCommerce Summit, Colin Foster wanted to know from Dina Rey, Head of Digital Group at Roche, Anna Gruebler, Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Altviz, Jessica Federer, Chief Digital Officer at Bayer, and Anita Yuen, Global Head of Digital Fundraising at UNICEF, how digital has influenced the well-being of society.


 4 Key Takeaways

  • Digital content is driven by the business and therefore it is important to prioritize the business’ value as well as its medical or commercially related objectives
  • The greatest challenge to creating an integrated digital strategy is in finding the right people. But it is also the most rewarding to find those people. As Jessica Federer explained, “Find the people who will open the doors, step through and lead it.”
  • It is crucial to have strong leadership – a digital champion – who believes in digital with or without evidence in order to open doors and be willing to innovate and disrupt the status quo. The most important factor is being able to speak both languages and being able to talk about the data from a marketing and the science perspective.  Therefore it can be irrelevant whether a digital marketer is male or female, a scientist or an engineer.
  • Digital enables organizations to engage external people to bring about digital transformations. By being able to improve touch points and interfaces with organizations and foundations, digital allows an improvement in the way we connect with the different stakeholders. This creates more traction and engagement with all stakeholders and enables us to impact well-being.

When discussing whether it is better to have people who know the business and teach them digital or have digital experts and introduce them to the business, the panel was in agreement that both types of people are needed. You need people who know the business objectives, but you need the geeks that will inform them.