Through our partnership with Sharecare, WCG has had the opportunity to shed light on important conversations related to health and wellness in the U.S., and the people driving those conversations. With this month’s release of the SharecareNow 10 – Nutrition, we’ve identified individuals who are exploring and developing new frontiers to help people live healthier lives. Coinciding with National Nutrition Month®, this list highlights the inspirational leaders igniting and sustaining a movement to make nutrition education a part of everyday life.

Beyond the names – from big-time celebrities to doctors and registered dietitians – it’s fascinating to see how this group illustrates the integration of online and offline influence. Taking “influence” as a measurement of their ability to drive share of conversation about nutrition, these individuals have complimented their publishing/television properties, grassroots campaigns and individual patient interaction, with strong digital engagement.

As social media, digital activation and engagement become recurring buzzwords impacting business decisions, it’s worth noting that influence does not exist solely in the vacuum of online. As we see in the list below, the ability to inspire, foster and engage in meaningful conversations is only enhanced when the online and offline worlds collide.

To learn more about these individuals driving conversation about nutrition, check out the interactive infographic on Sharecare:

#1 Andrew Weil, MD SharecareNow 10 Nutrition


#2 Jamie Oliver

#3 Nanci Hellmich

#4 Tara Parker-Pope, Well – New York Times

#5 Mitzi Dulan, RD


#6 Nicole German, RD

#7 Lisa Lillien

#8 Rebecca Scritchfield, RD

#9 Michael Pollan

#10 William Davis, MD

Disclaimer: WCG works with a number of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, including some that may provide information, programs or treatments around nutrition. These clients have not participated in the SharecareNow 10 analysis. Sharecare is a client of WCG.