With all of the hiring W2O Group/WCG have done recently, we wanted to take a little time to let our partners/customers/employees get to know some of these new employees better. To that end, we are conducting a blog series that asks some of our new employees to answer five questions — some straightforward and some that show our more playful slide. Via this process, we’re hoping to give our readers a little better sense of who we are. In the fourth installation of our series, we talk to one of our new digital strategy hires, Dean  McBeth. Dean joins us from Ketchum.

  • [Aaron] Welcome to the W2O Team. We’re looking forward to working with you. For our first question, talk a little bit about your past experience.
    [Dean] I’ve been involved in digital marketing since 97. The early “web” days when animating gifs was really damn exciting and putting a video on the homepage of a corporate website was game-changing. I started on the brand side, moved to Internet startups during the first dot com implosion and have spent the last decade in director-level roles at digital, advertising and PR agencies. Over the last several years, I served as the senior digital strategist on Old Spice at Wieden + Kennedy, the director of digital creative at Barton F. Graf, 9000 and came to W2O directly from heading digital + content strategy for Ketchum, New York.
  • [Aaron] What is your “super power?”
    [Dean] My superpower is the former USSR. My mind is like a digital steel trap. Kidding, it’s humor fused with curiosity. No amount of stress is beyond diffusing with a few laughs.
  • [Aaron] If you could work with any company as a client, who would it be and why?
    [Dean] Easy. The FBI. I thought I was going to be an FBI agent at one point. So, why not create love for a universally-feared government entity and concurrently help take down baddies. Win-win.
  • [Aaron} How do you stay up to date on latest trends/industry news?
    [Dean] It’s a carefully curated group of RSS feeds I’ve categorized into 21 sub-topics ranging from “Dudes” to “Strategic Planning”. That, and Reddit, Twitter and BuzzFeed in no particular order.
Thank you Dean. If you want to learn more about Dean, follow him on Twitter.