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At Real Chemistry, we want to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where we are authentic, feel psychologically safe, and can experience a sense of belonging – so all our colleagues can continue to thrive.

To support the growing need to create the most inclusive culture in the health innovation space and to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month during a time when Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have seen hate crimes spike during the COVID-19 pandemic and as Pacific Islanders fight for greater climate change awareness, we are proud to announce the launch of our Asian American Pacific Islanders business resource group (BRG), Enlight.

Co-chairs Lily Eng and Roshni Hemlani lead this BRG, with Anita Bose, Jill Dash and Jason Tse serving as executive sponsors. In celebration of its launch, Enlight hosted Joyful Planet’s Patrice Tanaka this month and will have another session in June with Kenji Yoshino, author of “Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights,” which will help foster growth and learning together.

As one of our 9 BRGs, Enlight promotes the professional and personal development of Real Chemistry’s Asian and Pacific Islander colleagues by building connections with each other, executing programs that enhance careers, and increasing awareness of challenges and opportunities related to the AAPI people. The AAPI community is comprised of individuals from 62 nations with distinct identities and social and economic realities, many times in conflict with one another. Even so, we believe this diversity should be illuminated and celebrated through honest dialogue, investment in communities, and removal of inflicted stereotypes, including those perpetuated by fellow AAPIs. Together, we can listen and learn from each other to support all communities of color.

Enlight supports members through four main focus areas: careers, connections, culture and communications.

  • Careers: Promotes mentoring, sponsorship awareness and career development through a combination of coaching initiatives, professional development programs, and technical workshops.
  • Connections: Encourages, supports and identifies service opportunities for Real Chemistry Diversity, Equity & Inclusion-approved community organizations, including philanthropic events and partnerships with schools, universities and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Culture: Develops cultural and heritage month programs and celebrations and partners with Real Chemistry’s DEI department to execute educational, informational seminars on key cultural, political or work-related issues that focus on creating awareness for culture, gender and diversity.
  • Communications: Facilitates partnerships with other Real Chemistry BRGs and organizations for conferences and workshops that increase visibility for Enlight, with a focus on social communication and internal messaging.

At Real Chemistry, our collective calling is to shape the future of health. We invite all employees and partners to join us as we make the world a healthier place for all.

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Enlight Team
Enlight Team

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