Jane Petrino

Practice Leader, Strategy


Jane is a professional decoder who “geeks out” about science and health—the more complicated, the better— while seeking to translate the esoteric into creative, compelling communications. She’s all about healthcare and a perpetual learner.

Jane has diverse experience across the healthcare spectrum gained over the last two decades. She has worked with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare services companies in all stages of the product/company lifecycle. Some moments she’s proud of include bringing complex concepts to a lay audience with the award winning My-T Heroes: Stories of CAR-T for Novartis; working with GSK to debunk myths behind Avandia’s reputation issues in diabetes; and coordinating communications for Auvi-Q’s recall while maintaining Sanofi’s reputation.

Although Jane started her career in investment banking, she left behind her suits (but not her spreadsheets) and has been leading US and global strategic communications for healthcare brands ever since. Jane lives in New York City, which, thankfully, has 25,000 restaurants because she uses her kitchen as storage for her sneaker collection. On the weekends she escapes to the beach on Fire Island as often as she can to ride her bike and bask in some sun.

Jane holds a B.A. in Latin and history from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.