The future of healthcare is closely related to data. This week’s guest recognizes how using data in the right way will be essential to medicine as it evolves.

I sat down with Chief Medical Officer of Verily (Google’s Life Sciences arm), Jessica Mega, M.D., M.P.H. to discuss this topic further. During W2OatSXSW we had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Mega to chat with our Chief Innovation Officer, Bob Pearson, about creating empathy when developing healthcare products, as well as bringing moon shots to Earth… and to health consumers. It’s that kind of innovation and brilliant thinking that made me excited to speak with her.

Without question, Dr. Mega grasps the expansive depth of the healthcare industry, and I learned a lot from her during our quick chat. We discussed what it means to shape the future of medicine, how the industry can remove barriers for patients, and the role passive approaches can play in healthcare. Plus, I learned that she is a dancing machine! Take a listen below.

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