A personal reflection on making a difference in a future-focused, entrepreneurial firm

W2O has been on a hot streak. For 17 years!

I joined the company two years ago, taking a risk after a decade in a firm where I established my position. My decision to join W2O followed a meeting with someone who was ingenious, hilarious, a visionary and an entrepreneur all rolled into one – Jim Weiss.

Jim had envisaged a firm that was part unicorn, part analytic, and all client focused.

I wasn’t sure where my path at W2O would lead, but my gut told me it would be different, fun and, more importantly, give me the opportunity to reach the full potential of my ambition, contribution and leadership potential.

Two years in and the verdict is clear: this is the best professional decision I have ever made.

That’s not to say it has always been easy – sometimes it’s been downright hard. When you exist in a highly entrepreneurial environment that thrives on innovation, a little bit of chaos will inevitably ensue. But the things that define W2O – that anchor our culture and direction – are always crystal clear: people, clients, work and business results. Very purposefully in that order.

As you may have tracked through the news in the past few months, W2O has entered its next wave of innovation and growth. We are optimally serving our clients with the ultimate goal of making the world a healthier place through marketing and communications.

As we do the hard (and exciting!) work of charting our future course, I found myself in discussions with Jim and W2O President Jenn Gottlieb about my continued path at the firm.

Their response (in separate conversations!) was clear and consistent: “Just keep being you!”

Such a simple statement, yet incredibly profound, and the most specific advice and confidence booster I could hope to receive. It means bringing your full authentic self to the workplace, to flourish in “being you” while leading business and delivering commercial success. It also means listening better and pushing yourself to accept new ideas, challenges and situations in an ever-changing environment.

“Just keep being you” is a mantra of sorts for anyone looking to make a difference. It doesn’t get any better in my mind.

W2O is a different kind of firm. Let me know if you want to talk more about how we roll here at W2O. My email is mcorcoran@w2ogroup.com, and we are hiring.