A little less than three year ago, with minimal fanfare, we began throwing ourselves into the value and access conversation in health care. We’re W2O, so we started by hoovering up hundreds – then thousands – of stories about drug pricing and reimbursement and patient access and sticking them in a huge, searchable database. Then we began producing a weekly newsletter for our clients (shout if you’re not a subscriber, but would like to be on the mailing list).

But all this was low-key, and I was frequently asked why we didn’t do a podcast. My answer was practical: I didn’t think there was an appetite for a public discussion about pharmaceutical value, especially not one led by a strategic communications firm.

I assumed that the audience was limited for a full-on discussion of gross-to-net spreads, point-of-sale rebates, or the proper assessment of health-state utilities in value frameworks. I mean, it’s all important stuff, but it’s no Serial.

But in the past three years, we’ve seen this debate escape its usual confines. It’s not just managed markets folks and formulary committees. Martin Shkreli, EpiPen and gene therapy have meant that these are now conversations for the water-cooler and the dining-room table. Heck, USA Today dropped a discussion of “spread pricing” into a story this week. This is officially a thing.

So we’re going to be more public about our voice in that discussion. To that end, we launch “Redeeming Value” today. It’s a podcast hosted by me and Rita Glaze, our practice leader for U.S. market access in our Value and Access group.

The first episode focuses on the news – or the lack of news — from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference, along with an introduction Rita and what she’ll bring to the firm.

Please give it a listen.