Danielle Whitney

Managing Director


Danielle is an integrated communications and marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience. Throughout her career, Danielle has managed campaigns within the global healthcare market, ranging from high-science and first-in-class, to orphan drug launches, chronic disease education initiatives, and mature product defense. She is accomplished in delivering product and franchise branding, commercial sales development, and experiential marketing events.

At Twist, she is the healthcare leader for the London and Switzerland offices. Danielle has been on the client side in the world of communications, marketing, and market access, and was responsible for managing new indication approvals, rejections and launches, global and local adaptation of projects for Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and stakeholder engagement programs.

Danielle never stops. Literally. She currently has one marathon left to complete the “seven marathons on seven continents” challenge. Hint: It’s not Antarctica.