Gay Pride is quickly approaching which means clients should start thinking about how they can get involved to show their customers, their employees and their shareholders that they support the community.

As a leader in audience architecture, W2O Group has developed a cost-effective approach that will allow brands and companies to more effectively engage with the LGBT community.

To highlight our approach in how we are helping companies unlock the value of the LGBT community, I sat down with Allan Dib, our Managing Director of Strategy and Insights, to discuss W2O Group’s offering and approach:

Aaron: Allan, this is a little bit of a rhetorical question, but tell us how 2017 Gay Pride is going to be different than it was in previous years?

Allan: This year, Gay Pride celebrations around the country, from LA to NYC and all in between, are shifting focus to resistance – moving from parades to marches.  Borrowing from the Women’s March early in the year, the community has organized a national march, The Equality March for Unity and Pride, in DC on June 11th.  We expect to see thousands of people attending from all over the country.  Brands and companies are going to need to balance their celebratory messaging with support.

Aaron: You and I have discussed that some companies fall into the trap of treating the LGBT community as a homogenous segment. Why is this a bad idea?

Allan: The biggest criticism of brands targeting the LGBT community is that their approach is not authentic and genuine.  Brands and companies tend to target the entire community as one segment.  The LGBT community is certainly not homogenous and activating to create receptivity within certain audience segments requires nuanced insights.  Not only do you need to know which segment of the community is going to be right for you but you need to know as much about them as possible to engage in authentic and compelling way.  It is critical to build out your marketing strategy based on the segment most receptive to your message.

Aaron: What are some of the most effective ways to reach the LGBT Community?

Allan: While using LGBT media is definitely an effective way of reaching the LGBT community, it is not the only way.  Actually, if you focus only on LGBT media you are missing a large portion of the community that does not consume LGBT media and another important segment – allies.   LGBT allies should be part of your strategy; they have proven to be very vocal for the community and very receptive towards brands that are engaging with the LGBT community.  Allied influencers amplify your message.  An effective way to do this is to work with those who already influence (whomever they may be) your target to tell your story.

Aaron: Talk about how a company’s position on LGBT issues can impact how its employees (both current and prospective) view it.

Allan: Employees, especially millennials, are increasingly taking into consideration a company’s position on social issues.  They turn to the media, influencers and third-party associations to learn about a company’s position on key issues.  Many feel that LGBT rights are being attacked and rolled back by lawmakers across the country, making it even more important for companies to be vocal in supporting their employees.  We have seen many companies rise to this challenge and publicly support campaigns to fight for these rights. For these reasons, it’s important to let the LGBT community and their allies know your corporate story.

Aaron: A little bit of a sales pitch here but tell us how W2O Group’s LGBT Audience and Influencer Architecture can help brands effectively connect.

Allan: As part of our ongoing efforts to stay one-step ahead of the rapidly shifting consumer landscape, W2O Group is pleased to announce its new LGBT Audience & Influencer Architecture offering. We recognize that companies need the right perspective to pivot in today’s landscape and anticipate tomorrow’s environment. And as customer demands and the competitive landscape are changing constantly, we hope to provide insights grounded in real-time analytics to help navigate future opportunities.

Aaron: For those interested in this offering, can you let the them know what they receive?

Allan: Certainly. The current package includes:

  • Segmentation of more than 50,000 LGBTs and allies
  • Deep understanding of audience interests
  • Segmentation of the key influencers talking about LGBT issues
  • A workshop at your office

Aaron: Thank you Allan. What is the best way for clients and prospective clients to learn more about the offering?

Allan: For anyone who is interested in learning more about our LGBT Audience & Influencer Architecture, please let me know, Allan Dib, Managing Director Insights and Strategy.