This is a guest post by my Live from Stubbs co-host, Kyle Flaherty.

Let’s start with a bit of physics. In the theory of relativity there is something called “time dilation”, which is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers when they are moving relative to each other. This happened to me during our Live From Stubb’s taping with Amber Naslund of Sysomos.

The first time I ‘met’ Amber Naslund was August of 2008 when we struck up a Twitter conversation about Aaron Rodgers. We then met in person at SXSW 2009 and since then I’ve watched Amber from afar as she wrote and published a best-selling book, The NOW Revolution, and continued her successful career in marketing. When you read Amber, whether her book or blog, you get a no-filter, no-nonsense take on what is happening in the marketing world. I’ve always respected her thoughts, even when we disagreed, because I value honesty and authenticity above everything else.

Amber has marketing in her DNA. Watching her speak at the W2O Pre-Commerce Summit I was truly struck by her intelligence and storytelling abilities. And this is a critical component for all of us in marketing today as we are overcome by media channels, brands, and poor strategic choices. Thinking back, this is why I enjoyed talking with her in 2008, in between, and then reconnecting in 2015. Even before our Live From Stubb’s interview we were joking about how we have all been pushing the boundaries of marketing for decades now, yet some folks think many of us have ‘disappeared’ (watch the interview to see why).

Sitting with Amber in 2015 and talking about the current marketing landscape it felt both as if 2008 was yesterday and nearly a decade ago. Time moves, marketing evolves, but for me, I try to make genuine humans like Amber a constant.

You can see Sheldon Levine of Sysomos’s post about the interview here.