Meet our SXW2O Speakers: Javier Boix, Sr. Director, StoryLab, AbbVie

As I mentioned in my kickoff post, we will host a series of blog interviews over the next two weeks with speakers from our upcoming PreCommerce Summit (March 10) and Movers & Shapers Summit (March 12). Today’s interview is with Javier Boix, Sr. Director, StoryLab, Abbvie

According to Javier’s LinkedIn profile, he is a “global communications executive with 15 years of experience in agency and corporate roles. Results-oriented, assertive, and able to navigate challenging and highly regulated environments that demand negotiating with and influencing a variety of stakeholders, juggling with multiple tasks and the ability to consolidate information from multiple sources.” Some of the skills he’s been endorsed for by his peers are corporate communications, internal communications and my favorite, strategic thinking.a - JavierBoix

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our five questions:

  1. Aaron: How do you define innovation?
    Javier: I don’t define innovation; innovation defines me. Kidding aside. How about “Combining two existing ideas to come up with something new and better.”?
  2. Aaron: What are you or your organization doing to drive innovation?
    Javier: It’s easy to get swallowed by the day to day; so keeping an eye on what’s going on outside of the company keeps me fresh.
  3. Aaron: Who is someone in your industry (or outside) that you admire? Why?
    Javier: Tomas Kellner. I don’t know him, but I recently found out about what he is doing with “GE Reports” and I love it.
  4. Aaron: Where do you see your industry being in 3 years? 5? 10?
    Javier: Hopefully in a place where our ability to drive innovation and make possibilities real is properly recognized.
  5. Aaron: What book are you reading right now? How did you choose it?
    Javier: I am not an avid reader, so this one is going to leave me in a bad place. I just finished “The Special One. The Secret World of Jose Mourinho.” As a good Spaniard, I am a huge soccer fan (Barcelona fan, for further detail). I read it because I wanted to understand what’s behind such character, and I did (but won’t disclose my opinion here, just in case…)
  6. BONUS QUESTION: What three things would you make sure you brought with you in a zombie apocalypse?
    Could it be five? If so, my wife and 4 children. If not, the 4 children are pretty young, so we can pair them up in groups of two so they only count as two (plus my wife, that makes three).

Thank you Javier. Well done. And extra credit for answering the bonus question. I would prioritize exactly the same way!

Aaron Strout
Aaron Strout

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