Alongside Paulo Simas and Tom Haan, Paul hatched BrewLife from idea to reality a little over a year ago—evidence of this level-headed leader’s entrepreneurial streak. Paul is also our official Norwegian envoy and still a most avid soccer player, having won several national championships among Veteran players.

 Prior to the launch of BrewLife, Paul led a Corporate Communications practice as Managing Director at WCG (a W2O Group sister-company). He has also spent time in leadership positions at Genentech, Searle Pharmaceuticals, Novacea, VaxGen, Synergen, Fleishman-Hillard, and GCI Group, amongst others.

What is your role at BrewLife?

I primarily serve as Senior Strategic Counsel for our Corporate Communications clients, principally in Life Sciences. Until recently, I also led BrewLife’s day-to-day operations but happily passed that torch to Paulo Simas at the beginning of 2014 so I can devote more time to other passions.


What do you value most about BrewLife?

I’m absolutely driven by the people I work with. Chemistry is critical to a great team for success in this business and we’ve assembled exactly that at BrewLife. Our office is a positive, productive and open environment where people don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves and dive in to help each other deliver great services to our clients.


What is all-important to successfully serve clients?

Domain expertise. Without it, you can’t be relevant to clients and provide important insights into their business. BrewLife’s integrated teams include members with a complement of both broad horizontal and deep vertical expertise and this is key to delivering real value to our clients.


What gives you an edge over others?

I’ve played a role in some of the biggest successes and biggest failures in the biotech industry during my 30 years in the business. Having been there both for my clients’ ups and downs, I offer perspective, insight and counsel that only first-hand experience brings.


What would you be doing if not this?

Working with a children’s charity, mentoring in sports. I get such enjoyment from kids and the feeling seems to be mutual. I’m proud to have worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the past. I really respect their mission of making life better for children with life-threatening medical conditions.


What’s fueling you today? And how do you say it in Norwegian?
A cup of coffee. And half a bagel…En kopp kaffe og en halv bagel