As Managing Partner of the W2O Group, Paulo’s high-octane personality inspires both colleagues and clients. He’s the catalyst pulled in on business strategy and branding, and is always a champion of communication that drives meaningful engagement.

Paulo SimasHow did Paulo get here? In 1999 he founded ODA, a design and branding agency that developed successful marketing programs for brands such as Hitachi, HP, Domaine Chandon, Motorola, Foxhollow, Medtronic and Acclarent. Then in 2009, ODA was acquired by WCG and Paulo became the creative force behind that agency’s explosive growth.

Flash forward five years: WCG now has a younger sister, BrewLife. And Paulo is our BrewLife alchemistadvising, inspiring and helping us turn our ideas into gold.

How do you fit into the picture at BrewLife?
I’m a business designer who jumps in as needed to provide strategic and creative input. I’m a contributor in a collaborative ecosystem.
What excites you about your role?
Business design! It’s branding all grown up. It injects business acumen into a creative process to build modern companies that live in a multi-touchpoint world. I love bringing clarity and organizational intelligence to brands who’ve lost their way. And I thrive on guiding the creative that plays such a pivotal role in communicating a brand’s value to the world. Business isn’t just about getting product to market—it’s about creating a culture of engagement that flows to the customer and back.
What’s your secret sauce?
I understand the business of business—financial, functional, pipeline, the pains of the C-Suite, all of it—and I understand which story or promise will have impact. I’ve launched over 100 brands and leverage this experience to map out the right communication platform to amplify a brand’s potential

What would you be doing if not this?
Building houses. Starting with my own on a warm beach in front of a magical left break. My grandfather was a carpenter and architecture was my love before art. I have a woodshop at home, unfortunately sitting idle.

What’s fueling you today?