I’ve done over 120 What2Know episodes and it’s been a real treat to pick the brains of some the world’s brightest, most unique, and unequivocally innovative people. I love interviewing others, learning who they are as professionals, but more so, learning who they are as people.

This week’s episode was a unique pleasure because, I went from interviewer to interviewee, I hopped on the other side of the mic to share more about who I am. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend, Lisa Kalfus, VP of Marketing at Wente Family Estates. During our time, I share my unique journey into the marketing and communications world, Lisa and I reflect on work W2O has done in partnership with Wente, plus I share my admiration of Queen Cleopatra. Lastly, I talk about two books that really left an impact on me. Take a listen below.

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