One of the many things we pride ourselves on at W2O is not only our ability to communicate externally, but internally as well.  We do everything we can to keep each office abreast on internal happenings. Whether it’s new hires, new business, kudos, etc., we want our whole company to know about it and thus, take an active role in making sure these messages are reached to all employees.

Distance and location may geographically divide each office, but the hallway between is always open. A perfect example of this was made by the Los Angeles office which, in little over a year, grew from only 5 people to 19!  With video engagement across the digital space exponentially rising, the LA office decided to forgo the standard interoffice email and send this out, so that their co-workers can place faces to the names, and have fun in the process. Enjoy!


Place a face to the name as you meet the team that is W2O Group’s LA Office. It only takes 90 seconds!

– Melanie Weiss and Scott Kramer