In 2015, the Committee of Millennials (COM) stepped up its game to accomplish goals and objectives set forth by its members. As the year comes to a close and COM celebrates its 2nd birthday, we wanted to share a few highlights and key learnings from 2015.


  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race… Sometimes:
    • In May and June, COM initiated peer onboarding sessions for all interns, associates and managers led by none other than the committee members. Who better to show new hires the W2O way than those who do the job every day! With courses including account management basics, media research, social and traditional media monitoring, and office basics, COM is taking an active role in helping the future leaders of W2O Group nestle into their roles quickly and efficiently.
  • Oh the Places You’ll Go:
    • One of the COM’s objectives since its inception has been to expand across the long hallway. Originating in New York, the Committee of Millennials is proud to announce that our meetings now include New York, Minneapolis, Boston and Chicago. Additionally, we are working closely with the AA’s and AM’s in San Francisco to align COM and SF Up and Comers, and to extend their meeting to all of the West Coast offices. Hold onto your cowboy hats, Austin. We’re coming for you next!
  • You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me:
    • Expanding COM’s reach across multiple offices created the opportunity for an initiative we’re calling “COMrades.” Our goal was to institute a program within the group to enable its members to get to know one another better. Thus, COMrades was born. Each month, committee members are matched with a designated COMrade and encouraged to take time to get to know each other over hipchat, a phone call or coffee break.

On top of the new and exciting additions to the Committee of Millennials, we continued to stay true to our roots with peer presentations on case studies, key insights from senior leaders and professional development workshops. 2015 was an excellent year for the Committee of Millennials and we have no doubt 2016 will be even better. As Jim would say, we #MakeItHappen.

We look forward to sharing what’s next in 2016!

Happy New Year!

Lauren, Meredith and Colleen.