To Become the Best, we need the best people to work here.  That has been a cornerstone of our business strategy since the beginning and has only become more important as we scale, diversify and grow.

We are pleased to announce another round of well-deserved promotions of the following people who inspire, lead and set the example every day about what it means to Go.Ahead and get ahead at W2O Group Companies.

In addition to the previously announced promotion of Dave Milhalovic to W2O COO earlier this summer, one special call out is the promotion of Jennifer Gottlieb to President of tWist who has helped so many of our clients, companies and people achieve greatness here.  As we move to a diversified Operating Company focused structure, it was important to recognize Jenn’s contribution and leadership and our expectations for her to grow tWist into the powerhouse company it is well on the way to becoming.

Please join me in congratulating Dave, Jenn and the other 48 people listed herein (by operating company and alphabetically) on their ongoing achievement and continued commitment to quality, culture, our clients and to each other.


Kathleen Bradley, Account Manager
Brooke Bullen, Senior Account Manager
Kelsey Carroll, Manager
Joanna Cochran, Director
Natalie DeNike, Manager
David Fossas, Director
Emily Friedman, Manager
Tracy Garcia, Account Director
Valeria Kaplan, Manager
Alison Klibanoff, Manager
Alexis Medina, Manager
Greg Matthews, Managing Director
Allie McCormick, Director
Kursten Mitchell, Group Director
Kimberly Muscara, Account Director
Mike Nelson, Group Director
Chelsey Nostro, Account Director
Abigail Rethore, Director
Chantal Roshetar, Account Director
Scott Shadiow, Client Relationship Leader
Brooke Shenkin, Account Director
Adam Silverstein, Account Director
Melissa Solomon, Account Manager
Martina Spranger, Senior Account Manager
Kelley Sternhagen, Manager
Jessica Vanner, Manager
Walt Whitman, Group Creative Director
Stephen Yoon – Manager


Jamie Bennett, Account Director
Mark Bennett, Group Director
Mindy Bobkin, Senior Account Manager
Toni Haubert, Account Director
Amanda Loder, Senior Account Manager
Jennifer Ma, Director, Project Management
Kaitlyn Murphy, Account Manager
Greg Reilly, Managing Director
Dawn Sciortino, Account Director
Elise Trent, Senior Account Manager


Nicole Foderaro, Group Director
Catherine Kyroulis, Group Director

W2O Digital & Operating Group

Ozzie Cerna, Sr. Staff Accountant
Blaire Clause, Senior Marketing Associate
Matt Hager, Director
Michelle Gunn, Art Director/Sr. Manager
Chris Leedy, Manager
Luis Mendoza, Sr. Staff Accountant
Beatriz Quezada, Assistant Controller
Paul Russell, Managing Director
Amelie Sozzi, Director