Yoplait Engagement Program

Short Description of Social Program

WCG was tasked with making Yoplait relevant to consumers, including the launch of new Yoplait Greek, while still creating value for the legacy brands. We focused on building advantage through social media and began by applying the 4A’s framework to Yoplait’s existing assets. This looks at brand engagement from the consumer’s viewpoint, and determines whether the brand needs to focus more on raising Awareness, helping consumers Assess the product or value proposition, driving consumers to take the desired Action, or empowering them to become Ambassadors for the brand. We learned that virtually all of Yoplait’s marketing resources were being applied to driving Awareness and Action. We advised the brand team to modernize their approach to embrace consumers, help them Assess the product’s attributes, and become Ambassadors among their friends. This level-setting conversation led to the strategic approach that follows our ACES model (Analytics, Content, Engagement, Strategy).

Short Description of Business Goals Achieved
Yoplait significantly increased the size of its online audience, while simultaneously increasing engagement per person significantly. Some final metrics include the following:

• Daily online conversation about Yoplait more than doubled.
• Message penetration of key message points in consumer online conversation (health factors, taste, etc.) increased from 1.92% to 18.95%. Nearly 1 in 5 online conversations about Yoplait included a key message point at the end of our program.
• Facebook Fan size increased more than 10x with no media spend and every engagement metric increased, the highest of which increased by 7,000%.
• The brand realized just under $250,000 in Cost Avoidance.
• This program was credited with stabilizing the brand’s decline in market share.

For more information, check out our Yoplait Engagement Project below. (Password: WCG)

Influencer Activation for Harry Potter

Short Description of Social Program

WCG was tasked with driving awareness and invigorating consumers about the launch of the Harry Potter 7.1 DVD.  This was viewed as the most challenging film to market because the final film (Harry Potter 7.2) would be in theaters around the same time, and consumers were aware the full franchise DVD package would come out shortly after.  Our approach involved two “first” for this client (the largest movie studio in the world).

  1. The first time a social influencer program was used to activate the most influential “super fans”
  2. The first time the “DVD extras” were distributed prior to the DVD launch.

Our approach focused on first identifying and ranking the most influential Harry Potter fans in the world.  Cutting through hundreds of thousands of fans who have shared Harry Potter content, we ranked exactly 43 people according to over 100 metrics.  These 43 people were identified as having the greatest Reach, Syndication, and Relevance when it came to Harry Potter.

Once we had identified and ranked the influencers, we engaged them directly with an ongoing relationship calendar, which included invitations to private events, special online experiences, and eventually special, never-before-seen content from the DVD extras.  This content was used to drive interest in buying the DVD even as the next film was hitting theaters.

Simultaneously, we used paid media to drive additional views on the same content, often times placing the same videos in rich media spots on influential Harry Potter fan sites.  This created an A/B test of content that was distributed by our influencers and via the paid media spots.

Short Description of Business Goals Achieved:

Our social strategy was highly successful, resulting in the following:

  • Ultimately, this was the 2nd most successful DVD release of the 8 franchise films (2nd only to the very first Harry Potter movie).
  • The influencer program was credited as being the only significant deviation from the standard marketing plan… the only reason for such significantly different results.
  • We reached 5,312,842 fans through influencer and drove 452,638 clicks, for a 9.31% CTR on exclusive content.  This was nearly 200x the CTR for the exact same content placed in the paid media spots (often on the same websites).
  • Internal analysis yielded a 7.5x media value for investment.
  • A 9x increase in conversation over the previous Harry Potter DVD launch, six months prior.
  • Positive correlation (+.16) between our small group of 43 influencers and the increase total online conversation about Harry Potter.
  • Harry Potter 7.1 outperformed competitive titles in share of conversation by 2.5-2.9x during the critical pre-launch window.

For more information, check out our Influencer Activation For Harry Potter initiative below. (Password: WCG)