2021 Health Awareness Months & Days

Looking for 2021’s national awareness months and days for healthcare? This is the holy grail – the most comprehensive calendar available.

As experts in healthcare marketing, we fully appreciate the regulatory challenges our clients face. And as a strategist specializing in content at W2O, I fully appreciate the regulatory challenges of healthcare marketing.

It’s tough, and we get it.

You often can’t mention the drug by name. Or the indication. As a result, we have to figure out how to communicate the brand promise through topics that are allowed.

Often, when we’re putting together an editorial calendar or social strategy for clients, we recommend peppering in stories related to healthcare holidays and observances. However, Twitter stopped creating its Healthcare Holidays Calendar a few years ago. That’s why we’ve decided to step in.

We’ve created a comprehensive calendar for the healthcare industry that lists all potential holidays and awareness dates around which you may want to launch a campaign. To access the full calendar, enter your info below to download it.

If you’re a W2O client, ask your account team for a personalized calendar, and we’ll edit this document to fit your needs.

Learn more about W2O via our About or Healthcare pages.

Corina Kellam
Corina Kellam

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