We Need to Talk About Pharma –– How Do We Get Society to Rethink its Position on the Healthcare and Life sciences Industry?

As representatives of healthcare and life sciences industry, in the broadest sense, we spend a lot of time talking between ourselves about our relevance and value to society. We know what this is. To us, as a market, it is obvious. So why does no one want to talk to us about it? Don’t they see what we see?

The discovery and commercialization of groundbreaking therapies requires more than a positive declaration so to tell our story to the world we need to pose some fundamental questions and be prepared to take some bold steps to catalyze a new conversation:

  • Are we telling a story that piques and grips society’s interest by resonating with their values?
  • Are we truly part of the community and participating in the conversations that matter to them?
  • Do we know how to have those conversations without looking like an outsider?

Are we using the right language and images to convey our story effectively and ensure true understanding?

And we must be better storytellers to all our audiences, not just our peers. We need to look at different ways to engage and communicate. We need to understand what drives all audiences. Not everyone is moved or interested in the same stories.

We have to speak in the language of society rather than the industry. Declaring ‘patient-centricity’ is not enough, we need to be inclusive not exclusive. People shouldn’t have to Google our acronyms to understand our ‘speak”. We need a mix of lay language and medical terms and approaches to show up in all the communities we impact.

To do this we:

  • Must create a why that resonates across the whole industry to build our reputation in terms of value and relevance in society.
  • Need to move beyond the science and show how we are addressing critical societal needs
  • Need to expose our failures, as they are as critical as our successes in demonstrating that the power of science will deliver what patients’ need next
  • Have to be confident in showing our innovation.

Only if we can innovate in the way we speak and act with society, can we start to drive change.  We are at the start of an “industrial revolution”, so let’s look to other innovators that led the revolutions of the past. And learn how they changed hearts and minds:  People like Curie, Stephenson, Jobs, Berners-Lee, Zuckerberg and Lane-Fox.

We’re lucky enough to have the following innovators joining us for the W2O networking event on the 10th of November, following the FT Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference in London to discuss the value and relevance of the healthcare and life sciences industry in today’s society:

Seats are limited – RSVP today. Look forward to seeing you.

The Event Details:

When: Friday, 10th November 2017

Where: The Landmark London Tower Suite

Time: 14:00-16:00 GMT


  • 14:00: Networking & Refreshments
  • 14:30: Opening Remarks
  • 14:40: Speaker Presentations
  • 15:20: Panel Discussions
  • 16:00: Networking & Cocktails
Annalise Coady
Annalise Coady

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