Today begins the annual J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference, the long-running biopharma investment confab that marks the unofficial New Year for the corporate world in biotech, pharma and medical devices. Though the meeting is officially limited to the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, small meetings, receptions, coffees and a thousand different kind of networking spill out throughout the city.

And — increasingly — those conversations spill onto the Internet, too. A few years ago, a few hundred tweets were the norm at the meeting. This year, the conference could push the 10,000-tweet barrier. What’s interesting is not only the content of those tweets, but how the Twitter around J.P. Morgan (and its hashtag, #JPM13) are connected. After all, as the cliche goes, it’s not what you know. It’s who you know.

Last year, after the the conference ended, I published two graphs showing how online influencers connected to each other during the meeting (the “Feuericane” map that shows the impact of TheStreet’s Adam Feuerstein), and how they connected to different companies. But the folks at PureTech Ventures — the Boston-based venture group that’s behind the Appeering tweet curation tool — wanted to do one better and show those connections in real time.

Below is Appeering’s JPM Interaction Map;  a visualization that users can explore to see who is communicating — and about what — at the conference.  The map is interesting to explore on its own, but for more information, you can double-click on any node, which will bring them to Appeering conversations about that user or company. So come back often to watch how the conversation evolves.

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This map tracks the Twitter total interactions around the 2013 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. The map is updating real-time and constantly accruing all JPM 2013 data … check back often!

Update: a full-size version of the graph is available on the Appeering  site.