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The Scoop: 7.13.21
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SXSW Conference
SXSW 2021

SXSW was one of the first industry conferences cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. But SXSW is back and W2O is a proud sponsor. Although we won't be eating BBQ together in Austin, we are surfacing meaningful conversations about digital transformation, health equity, vaccine confidence, and the long-term impact of COVID-19.

What2Know Podcast

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By Chuck Hemann
This book breaks down how you can distill maximum value from your digital data.
By Bob Pearson
Storytizing explains how leaders can employ sophisticated new tools to better understand how brand messages proliferate and who helps shape them.
By Bob Pearson & Haroon K. Ullah
Pearson and Ullah join as co-authors to provide a mashup of their combined expertise – years of shaping behavior for the world's top brands with years of countering terrorism.

In the media

Here is the view from MM&M (Medical Marketing & Media).

“W2O landed 5 digital AOR and digital media assignments, including work from Dermira, Bayer and Boehringer Ingelheim. In the wake of the additions, W2O can reasonably claim to have the most diversified healthcare roster in the industry.

‘We’ll continue to focus on expanding in EMEA, coupled with building our scientific communications and market access capabilities,’ said founder & CEO Jim Weiss.”


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W2O's leaders are often tapped for perspectives and guidance.

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W2O is known for connecting thought leaders, so we’ve created a library of insights leaders of industry have shared with us. People like Sean Hogan, for example…

Sean Hogan

General Manager, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences

Connected through W2O’s VIP Luncheon at JP Morgan 2017

Our produced pieces

We work hard to create great materials, and our podcasts and publications have amassed an enthusiastic following. Explore and see why people love our What 2 Know podcast, The Social Oncology Project, Value Report and Dose of Intelligence newsletter.

2018 Social Oncology Project | W2O’s Sixth Edition

See how the online behavior of providers and institutions intersect with real world metrics and what topics trended across the conversation of pricing, value and access of anti-cancer medicines.

Value Report

W2O’s weekly wrap-up and analysis of biopharma pricing and value news, by Brian Reid, W2O’s Managing Director of Earned Media.

The Social Diabetes Project

We focused on the history of the online #diabetes community, in partnership with Kerri Sparling, Founder of Six Until Me.

Everyone talks about influencers. Here’s how to actually identify and activate them.


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Two thirds of us prefer to learn visually: Kind of makes YouTube a natural for sharing insights from events, presentations, case studies, webinars, and more.

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