Last week 33 of the best and brightest digital marketers and communicators participated in our 7th Annual PreCommerce Summit to discuss “What’s Next” in business, marketing and communications. We heard Bayer’s Ray Kerins talk about partnerships (beyond logos) and U.S. Department of State Haroon Ullah and Stratfor’s Reva Goujon debunk myths about extremism. And, my favorite, we heard Judith Williams of Dropbox talk about unconscious bias.

With all this talk about “what’s next,” we’ve been asking this question of management:

What’s next in the art of managing people, products and services? 

For us, it’s about understanding what’s going on now, inside your organization, and how this experience reflects outwardly, to impact your customers’, partners’ and investors’ perception of you. This clarity puts leaders in the position to pinpoint organizational improvements, which in turn transfer externally and improve business results.

Doing this, however, hasn’t been easy, or precise.

Typically, people have taken an inside look at their organization’s people and processes through qualitative and quantitative research methods. While important, this step alone is like acting on data without context – it’s misleading. By only looking internally to answer how effective your employees and operations are neglects the opinion and perspective of audiences that tell the world if you matter – your customers, suppliers, partners, and investors.

That’s why we take an inside and outside approach to help leaders create a more responsive enterprise for employees, customers, partners, and investors.

We help leaders answer:

  • Is our enterprise aligned?
  • Are we valued?
  • How do these two impact each other?
  • Where can we make internal improvements that drive results (and how)?

Through our advanced digital analytics and organizational management expertise we’re helping Fortune 500 companies make internal adjustments that improve results. Not only do leaders get a snapshot of what productivity looks like across functions and how it is impacting performance, but also they get a roadmap to pragmatically make improvements from the inside out.

This convergence of employee productivity and external stakeholder confidence in the enterprise itself (reflected in strong business performance) is the new organizational effectiveness – it’s what’s next.

We’d love to talk with you about the work we’re doing across healthcare, consumer products and technology to help leaders remove internal friction and drive results, especially during times of change. For more information about what we’re up to and how it might help you, drop us a line.