“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” 

– John F. Kennedy

This concept can be applied to our daily life as a global, integrated marketing agency, but it especially rings true for our internship program. Our summer interns are in full swing and we’re always excited to see what they deliver with the meaningful projects they are given.  You won’t find “coffee runs” or “phone support” within the realm of their responsibilities, contrary to what many may believe constitutes the typical “intern” role. Our interns act as team players with their respective managers and teams, creating a two-way street that provides a learning environment for both parties.

Our internship program is impactful for both the individuals who join and the employees across practice areas within W2O Group. Here are a some reasons why:

  • Since the inception of our program, we have had over 80 interns and 25% of them have transitioned into a full-time position. We recruit the best and brightest! Former intern, now Healthcare Analytics Associate, Shruti Saran, was named one of 9 PR interns destined for greatness for her performance in “thinking of data and SMB like a Ph.D candidate” coupled with her “willingness to learn and be a team player”.
  • Our interns are as diverse as our offerings. They include undergraduate and graduate students as well as PhD candidates in each of our six offices. They are involved in projects that span the practices of analytics, content strategy, technology and design.
  • There are many opportunities to showcase ones’ skills by assigning significant projects. Elise Trent, now Account Manager, proclaims in her testimonial that she “developed meaningful working relationships with account teams [and] was provided with opportunities to take ownership of several client-facing assignments” during her internship.

Meet our interns! Check out these introductory videos that our current interns collaborated on to illustrate some of their personality. (Don’t forget to turn up your speakers!)


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