Ovid Therapeutics, biopharmaceutical company committed to developing medicines that transform the lives of people with rare neurological diseases, was a young company that needed to raise its profile with key audiences in order to help overcome the challenges of neurology drug development. Ahead of its IPO and high-profile partnership with Takeda, the company wanted to raise its visibility in the industry and specific rare disease communities, forge relationships with media and investors, and update its company narrative digital presence to reflect its commitment to patients and innovative strategy.


Through collaboration with the Ovid team, Pure refreshed the corporate brand and narrative to focus on the company’s innovative approach to business, from clinical trial design to groundbreaking deal structures. Additionally, Pure built a new website to reflect the new brand and narrative and up-leveled the company’s social presence to increase direct engagement with disease communities.

In support of company milestones as well as the thought leader status of Ovid’s CEO, Pure leveraged existing relationships with financial, regional and industry media to secure coverage and raise the visibility of the company with key stakeholders.

To deepen Ovid’s connection with their patient communities, Pure launched an organic and paid social campaign strategy to support Ovid’s direct interaction with the family members and caretakers of Angelman syndrome, Fragile X syndrome and rare epilepsy patients in order to educate and learn from members of the community while also highlighting Ovid’s progress and commitment to these disease areas.


  • Successfully announced major milestones, including the company’s partnership with Takeda and IPO, and promoted managements thought leadership platforms. Support included the distribution of press releases and extensive embargoed media outreach strategy. Ovid received widespread media interest and coverage in top-tier outlets, including CNBC, The Boston Globe, Dow Jones, Reuters, Financial Times and Fortune.
  • Transformed the company’s website to a customized, memorable and informative site that showcased Ovid’s commitment to patients and their families as well as their innovative business and clinical strategies.
  • Saw a nearly 60 percent increase in social following across all channels; paid campaign generated a 25 percent engagement rate on Facebook.

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