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How can healthcare companies move the needle to achieve gender parity and the enhanced corporate performance that comes with it? How do we create real actionable change?

Each year at W2O, we conduct a study that examines how companies are maintaining or falling in relevance. If your organization is not considered relevant, sales, profitability, recruitment, retention, innovation, leadership and valuation will be affected. Because of the gender parity movement, and our belief that parity ultimately impacts a company’s bottom line, we took our Relevance Index a step further in 2019 by adding gender and diversity as a key measure of corporate reputation. In this inaugural report we address a number of key questions including:

  • How relevant were Fortune 500 healthcare companies on the topic of diversity in 2018 vs. 2017?
  • Did the nature of the language being used by companies and stakeholders changing year-over-year?
  • Were stakeholders searching for information on Fortune 500 healthcare companies’ diversity policies and positions?
  • What were the most diversity-relevant companies doing and saying?
  • What are their employees saying in reviews and advice to management as relates to diversity and inclusion?

To learn more, download the whitepaper below.