It’s apropos that the hashtag for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceForBetter. As a working mom and Chief People Officer at W2O, I know just how tricky it can be finding the balance between being a parent and an employee. Supporting this balance is one of the main reasons our CEO, Jim Weiss, and President, Jennifer Gottlieb, partnered with long-time business executive and single mom, Barbara Palmer, to pioneer our groundbreaking Fourth Trimester Program. This innovative program celebrates and supports working mothers and fathers as they return to work following the birth or adoption of their child.

Today, this program was featured in a Forbes article by MeiMei Fox. Titled 8 Tips For Returning Smoothly To Work After Having A Child, the feature story discusses the importance of companies providing the proper coaching and support mechanisms for moms returning to the workplace after maternity leave. The article not only covers why this is critical for mothers, but also explains how differentiating programs like ours can help companies better retain working mothers.

W2O’s Fourth Trimester program provides a personal coach who engages with the parent and their manager for three months after their return to the office to ensure the smoothest possible transition back to the workplace. W2O also offers paid time off for new parents to an extent that’s rare in our industry – up to 16 weeks of paid leave depending on tenure. To date, dozens of mothers and fathers at W2O have gone through the Fourth Trimester program and a couple of employees have even completed the program a second time.

Next week, I will be sitting down with our CMO, Aaron Strout, along with Jennifer Gottlieb and Jim Weiss, to record a podcast discussing the Fourth Trimester Program and other ways W2O can better support working parents. I hope you’ll tune in.